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  1. Thank the good Lord for staging sites…..I cannot imagine being without this feature. Only alternative is copying everything local which can be a lot of time spent and sometimes not possible for larger sites.

  2. I wonder what everyone would have done “before” staging sites. Playing around with plugins, tinkering with WordPress theme “editor” — any of those things could be disastrous, and we just wouldn’t know it unless it happened.

    I am using Flywheel right now but I am well aware of WPEngine too. It’s nice to see these two companies with staging features. I only know too darned well what happens when websites crash because my itch to tinker with code got the best of me 🙂


  3. It’s hard to put in to a quick comment how great WPE is or how amazing and simple their staging sites are. When I initially picked my hosting provider I chose not to go with WPE because at that point they did NOT have transferable installs and I needed multiple installs for client development. With the addition of transferable installs it’s a no-brainer. WPE is best in breed. Cheers!

  4. On my WP Engine menu, I do not have the site staging set up. How do I set it up? I hate updating plugins and my
    live website gets interrupted. ~~ Lisa

    • When you click on the Staging tab there should be a button/link to click to set it up. If you’re not seeing that, something is off and you’ll want to contact WPE support.

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