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  1. LOL, this made me laugh. Especially the snowman logo. Great guide for n00bs.

    Also, if you leave your permalink structure as the default ?p=156 you might be a n00b or a b00b.

  2. I approve of the use of both “boob” and “poop” in this post. Whoa, and for a second I though upside-down poop was boob, but it turns out it’s dood. I’ll leave now.

  3. If you have the stock “Hello World” post or the generic “About” sample page that comes with every out-of-the-box WordPress install on your site still, you might be a n00b! 😛

  4. Hi Carrie
    You know I can still remember looking at and and being so confused – seems so long ago, but we were all new to WordPress once and needed help.

    I only found out about the P in WordPress when Brian Gardner pointed it out to someone on his blog.
    I’m not sure about Studiopress though – big P or little p?

    This post will help guide the way for those folks starting out on the long and winding road that is WordPress.

    Having said that… I think that “Fluffy Snowman” is beyond our help!

  5. Ha, awesome post. All these things which seem so obvious to me are so foreign to some people and that makes me laugh as well. Love the snowman reference. I would even go a bit farther and say whenever possible use a real face as well and not just a boring company logo, especially when commenting on other sites.

  6. Hey Carrie! I just thought of another one–not setting up your username so all your blog posts say they were added by ‘admin’. Way to let the world know you never changed your initial username. Oops.

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