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  1. Great point on remembering to stop and think once you start going down a rat hole in one area or another. Seems like any part of the DIY approach from theme, to plugins, design, SEO, et al. can range from a couple hours to months! Probably a good idea to set a timer to ring every couple hours and trigger a “is this really what I should be spending my time on” check!

  2. Hi Carrie, I had the same trouble with Paypals Transactions … and I am a one person company too. They did not give me the transaction gateway on my account, because I would have to generate a monthly transaction of more than 5000 Euros before they let me in.

    • Interesting. If you don’t have credit history for your business, I wonder if they will use your personal. I don’t fully understand why they need that data anyhow…

  3. I just signed up for your site – I don’t really know if I want to be a member (as in I don’t know about it) but I just wanted to see what you described in action =)

  4. Hi Carrie, thanks for sharing!
    I’m sorry you had to go through a lot of problems trying to adapt the theme. Let me tell you that I love working with utility pro because it is so clean,clear and easy to adapt!
    Good luck with the new site!

  5. Thank you for the nitty gritty details. As always I appreciate the window on the process most about your posts. Your answers may or may not transfer but learning your process always helps.

  6. So, I have a client who just started a gym.

    He wants to do online stuff too – like a free course – and also a paid course etc. The site is already created (using Utility Pro actually) and I’m trying to work out what I need.

    It’s sort of like what you have done, though there’s no real need for a community aspect or even a forum. It’s more “register as a user”, and “do courses”. Maybe some other stuff though I’m not sure.


    • Sounds like you may want an LMS (learning management system) instead. LearnDash is a popular one – I haven’t used it for my courses, but I’ve taken a course that used it and like the experience. I had the founder, Justin Ferriman, on my podcast:

      LifterLMS is the other WordPress plugin I’ve heard good things about, but haven’t had a chance to play with.

  7. Hi Carrie,

    I’m working on a site that opens on December, and at some point of the next year it will become a community. I’ve done my research for months, seen the same as you: few BuddyPress themes -nothing specific for Genesis-, frightening stories about styling and incompatibilities… Thank the Gods I ended up reading Chris Lema’s blog and other blogs such as yours!

    But here’s the thing: I’m no professional by any means, and seeing people like you choosing the same tools and combinations I would use is kind of encouraging. But there’s the other side of the coin: if some true pro like you tells these kind of stories about fighting hard to get a decent commercial community site built and styled… I mean, I’m starting to panic!

    Seriously, could you ellaborate a little bit on the process of making things work together? I mean, WooCommerce’s Memberships is not compatible with BuddyPress. How did you solve that? Is there any trick or did you make any kind of compromise-deal by giving up on some functionality for not breaking things? Then, there’s the performance issue: BuddyBoss is pretty charged (I think), and Woo + BP + BBP must make things run slow, since you can cache only a few things…

    Anyway, I will try to stick with Genesis…

  8. Thank you for the helpful walk-through! Are the costs for WC Memeberships and Subscribsions one time payments or are they yearly payments?

  9. Hi
    i can’t get any Post with membership plan in your site (, there is simple post.

    Can you please give us demo where you have used Woocommere Membrship + Woocommere Subscriptions?

    I want to build same website so please give me demo link where i can see all features you had explained in this thread.

    waiting for your reply.


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