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  1. Hi Carrie! Nice job on this. You got this done pretty quickly. I just got this theme yesterday to build a site for an idea on a startup pitch for a grad class I’m in at TCU (in your neck of the woods), hopefully will be built out by the weekend. Your site looks insanely good on mobile! Don’t forget to let your readers know to visit on their Iphones, because it looks slick, slick, slick on mobile. I mentioned slick right?

    • Ha! Thanks! I does render well on the iPhone. 🙂 Good luck with the TCU project. I’m an alum myself. Give a shout if you want to bounce questions or ideas.

    • Thanks, Adam! I do love it! The *only* downside to changing over to it was the proportions of the thumbnail images. Since they’re pretty long on the horizontal, I ended up having to re-create a lot of my featured images to look good at those dimensions. Luckily my site’s pretty small so it didn’t take too long. 🙂

  2. Great post grouping the Genesis StudioPress’ child themes in categories. I’ve tried most of them and I particullary liked the old Focus with two widget areas under the post. Prose is cool and I also like eleven40. Streamline 2 is my favourite and I m working to upgrade one of my sites to it.

    • There are so many great ones to choose from! Do you have the Pro Pack? I don’t, but if I did I’d probably change themes like underwear…

      • Lol Carrie, go and get your digital underware right away :)). Im a Pro Pack member and this is by far the best purchase of last year. Everything for just under $300 (at the time) was a really good deal.

  3. Hi Carrie
    I’m a Genesis man and I love the Studiopress themes.

    Lots of people must wonder which theme to get and this is a fabulous place to start.
    Love the way you’ve put the themes into categories.

    Under “Do you need a shopping cart?” you can now add Agency 2, which is WooCommerce compatible.

    Great post and love the (in)SPYR theme.
    The guys over at SPYR media ate complete lunatics, but talented lunatics.

    • Hey Keith, thanks for heads up on Agency 2! Sounds like you have some experience with the lunatics – they are brilliant indeed! 🙂

  4. BTW, looking at the Genesis child themes, Clip Cart never jumped out at me. In fact, I didn’t even see it. Then I ran into this article. Thanks, ’cause that’s the theme I needed. You get your commission. Cheers, Danny

  5. Hello Carrie,

    This was a fairly simple, but very good post. I really like the StudioPress themes, but for a non-designer and someone who does not know how to code, it is difficult to decide what theme is going to meet your needs. Right now my site is using WooThemes with WooCommerce. I didn’t know the Agency theme was compatible. Do you know if any other themes are compatible now, or will be in the future with WooCommerce? I felt a bit stuck with having to continue to use WooThemes, but you may have just helped me find a solution.



  6. What about as a trader, forex. What theme should purchase? How come they don’t let us buy the theme anymore instead it advertise theme + framework?

    • Hi David,
      Good question! Of course you *need* the framework for the child theme to work, but if you already own a copy of the Genesis Framework, look for the option on the theme purchase page to just purchase the theme alone.

      As for which theme is right for you, that’s hard to answer without having an idea of your content. Maybe the Magazine Theme?


  7. Hello Carrie, thanks for article. I am overwhelmed with a choice of themes from Studio Press. Could you suggest a theme for affiliate marketers? For example, I would like to promote health related products, write reviews about them.
    Sincerely, Nemira

  8. Hi Carrie,
    I am newbie in wordpress.
    I always enjoy your blogs eventhough I must open dictionary sometimes to understand the meaningof the words.
    I interested using genesis framework.
    What kind of child theme that works like freelancer, upwork, or job bid/post alike?

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