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  1. Great article and so glad to see anyone in the WordPress world championing accessibility.

    We find that some website owners have incorrect assumptions about the buying power of people with disabilities. When asked about accessibility they say, “that’s not my customer”. Not necessarily true!

    For example, a person with sight impairment might need to buy auto insurance for her sighted teenage drivers. She needs to navigate through getting an online quote. We have a friend who is completely without sight. but he’s learning woodworking – with saws and all. He wants to buy his tools and supplies online, but has yet to find a site without barriers.

    Considering that the estimated number of those with a visual disability, (in the US in 2012, age 16-75) was 6,670,300 — you’re pushing away a considerable amount of people with buying power if your site isn’t fully accessible to them.

    • Thank you, Pam. Great examples!

      To some degree “That’s not my customer!” is entirely true, but only because they’re not given the opportunity to be a customer.

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