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    • Isn’t it! I hardly realized there were so many until I started compiling the list. Really pleased to see all the responsive themes coming from the community. And you’re right – clients think it’s magic! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cheri,
      The Agency Theme is responsive, but the AgentPress Theme is not. I suspect StudioPress will overhaul and re-release AgentPress sometime after the Genesis 2.0. upgrade.


  1. Carrie this was very useful – some of these themes are ‘hidden’ on the main site. I was considering their $299 one off offer for all current and future child themes this made up my mind!. I think there designs are improving (they can be a bit ‘conservative’) and should continue to do so. The framework of course is rock solid. Thanks again…

  2. I notice that you say that the Modern Portfolio Theme has a portfolio custom post type, but I recently purchased that theme and the custom post type is not included. I noticed that you appear to be using this theme yourself and your site does appear to have the custom post type. Did you add that yourself? Or is the version of the theme currently available to download different than the version you downloaded? Thanks!

  3. Great post Carrie. Thanks! Do you by any chance know if the (in)spyr theme is already HTML5 enabled? I viewed the source code off the demo theme. It appears that it may be but I’m a novice and not sure. Thanks for your time πŸ™‚

  4. nice work Carrie. i like your simple header and layout on this ‘Modern portfolio’ theme. i have experiences with Other template providers but don’t feel assured about investing in them. Theme Forrest seem not to qualify their providers so, if one stops developing, you’re stumped, CyberChimps make it difficult to interact, their demos look good but extra charges are hidden behind them and their themes mostly come with no documentation. i have a few themes now from Studiopress and mojoThemes. for me solid, accountable companies , they as good as you can get. i use.
    My query for you is, i’m looking for blogging themes and landing page themes. i’m using Cyberchimps ‘Delight’ theme. I use it on the WordPress free blog hosted site but… it’s super-inflexible. Will I always find this problem using this host? what can you advise?

    • Do you mean you’re site is hosted for free on or that you have your own install of WordPress on Bluehost? If you’re at, you’ll definitely be limited to theme choices. Otherwise, I wouldn’t consider Bluehost a limitation to what you’re describing – just sounds like the theme doesn’t do what you need.

  5. Hi. Carrie Dils .
    Please Help me out. i want to resize the header height of eleven 40 pro. but when i resize it then my site menus not looking good in mobile device. what i do…?

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