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    • Hi Cheryl,

      You can essentially copy/paste elements from one theme into another. For instance, you could take the home page layout from one theme (grab the home.php or front-page.php wholesale, plus the widget registration code from functions.php, plus the corresponding styles from style.css) and utilize it in another.

      As Brad’s comment mentions below, there are a few selectors or values you might have to change out, but the code is generally well-written and commented. For a beginner this might seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s actually a great way to study the code and learn what’s happening.


  1. I find huge value in the code.

    Its the easiest way to learn PHP coding as all code is written to work on Genesis.

    This provides enormous value for web designers as it doesn’t require much of a learning curve compared to learning PHP from scratch.

    Change a few values, a conditional tag and hook and you can pretty much use code from any child theme on any other child theme.

    Or take the code from several themes and build your own custom themes from scratch.

    Doesn’t get any easier than this based on my experience.

  2. I like Cheryl’s question. That is where I am about to go, but waiting for some to be released under Genesis 2.0. I have customized a lot of these child themes, but my next step is to do a little “mix and match” ing. That might make a great post! 🙂

  3. Hi Carrie, I am a “Catalyst Convert” to Genesis. Wasn’t that happy when Eric Hamm made the announcement about retiring Catalyst — mostly because I wasn’t familiar with Genesis or the amazing community. But I must say my initial disappointment over Catalyst has been greatly overshadowed by the joy of finding such an amazing Genesis community! Not only the StudioPress aspect but all aspects — copyblogger, etc. And finding amazing folks like yourself that share so much invaluable info and tutorials.

    Having said all that, I’ve really been hesitant to dive completely in and buy Pro Pack theme package, mostly because I still customize non Genesis themes (gasp). But, back to the community, the support forums — just the awesome, amazingly gifted folks I’ve “met” since entering the Genesis world has convinced me to make the leap 🙂 — So I will be buying and will use the link from this post.. Thanks for adding so much value to the Genesis community.


    • Hi Yael,

      So glad you’ve had a great experience with the Genesis community – It really is the most invaluable aspect of the product, in my opinion.

      Thanks for buying from my link AND I suspect one of these days you’ll be 100% Genesis and cranking out some community resources of your own… 🙂


    • Yael, I personally read and followed the comments on Erik’s announcement post with Catalyst and know upfront how you felt about it all. I’m extremely pleased to hear about the way you feel about our community, and am really glad you gave us a chance.

      Carrie is a perfect example of a community member who brings priceless value to what we do, and I’m so appreciative to her and all that she does to pay things forward.

      If you ever get caught in a code/theme pickle, and can’t find an answer — please let me know. Ping me on Twitter, Google+ or through my website. I’m happy to help!

  4. Hello Brian, I am extremely pleased as well. It was definitely a case of simply not knowing — I had no idea how wonderful the “world” was out here (outside of Catalyst) and am now very grateful that Eric made the decision he did.

    Carrie is a perfect example. You are as well!

  5. Heya
    I am NOT a coder but a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to wanting a great site. I’m working with a developer and i’ve already purchased the pro pack. Just wondering if he will have to install each site (and if that counts as a multiple site install in terms of wordpress engine’s definition for hosting packages) in order to do the mix and match. thanks!

    • You’ll only have a single WordPress install, but you can upload as many themes as you want, but only activating a single theme at a time.

      For your developer, I wouldn’t recommend that though. They’ll want to have the themes you’re pulling from handy in whatever development environment they use. Maybe that’s your hosting account, but I doubt it. 🙂

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