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SEO Bootcamp: The Ideal SEO School to Get Your 2017 in Gear

I thought I knew what good SEO was. I was wrong.

I’ve run this site for several years and done my best to get the “green light” on every post. But guess what? I was optimizing for keywords and phrases that had little relevance for my business. Confession: I’d find a popular search term and I’d shoe-horn it into a piece of content because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

I was so wrong.

What flipped the light switch for me was Rebecca Gill’s Top the Top SEO Course. Rebecca’s a friend, so when the course came out I wanted to support her. Who knew I needed SEO school so bad? Ha! I journaled my entire experience with the hopes that someone else could learn from the nuggets I gleaned. The results of that journey were some quick, easy changes to as well as a road-map of how to be more intentional about planning content in the future.

One thing I did know before going into the course (and still holds true) is this: Write for humans, not robots. That’s how you win with search engines. Of course, there’s a lot of finer details of how to increase the odds of high-ranking content, but writing for people truly is the essence of good SEO. For more nuggets like that, check out Rebecca’s presentation from WordCamp DFW: What Really Matters in SEO.

Along came an in-person SEO school…

Rebecca’s a wonderful teacher. (By the way, if this is starting to sound like a love letter about Rebecca Gill, I can’t help it. She’s incredibly smart, business savvy, and generous when it comes to sharing what she knows. Follow her if you’re not already – you’ll be learning awesome things in no time.)

While she already offers SEO consulting and on-site SEO training for corporations, she’s never offered in-person training to the public. Well, with a little encouragement from me and some rather insistent prodding from Cory Miller, Rebecca agreed to take her SEO knowledge to the streets.

And so SEO Bootcamp was born.

What do you care?

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I’m excited. ๐Ÿ™‚ And also because I believe SEO Bootcamp can significantly benefit your business. Here’s why:

This live, in-person workshop is focused on helping you create a complete marketing plan that uses a proven method for obtaining and keeping website traffic that converts into tangible ROI.

What does ROI actually look like for you?

  • Do you depend on your site for new leads?
  • Do you depend on your site for product sales?
  • Do you depend on your site for audience growth?

Your ROI probably looks different from mine (my ROI for this site is largely driven by affiliate revenue – here’s more on that if you care), but the bottom line is that you’ll show up to this workshop, work on your site (or whatever site you choose), and make changes while you’re there. You’ll walk away with stuff DONE.

SEO Bootcamp details

If you’re still reading, chances are you’re curious if SEO Bootcamp is right for you. Here’s a few details to help you decide:

  • When: January 11-13
  • Where: Dallas, TX (downtown)
  • Who: The first 40 people to sign up

What you’ll learn:

  • What really matters to Google and other search engines
  • How to audit your website content and architecture
  • How to check up on competitors and learn from their activities
  • How to research keywords and map them to your website content
  • How to optimize website content
  • Why social media matters to search engine optimization
  • How to properly use Google Search Console to jump-start SEO
  • What youโ€™re missing in Google Analytics
  • How to safely build links
  • What local SEO is and how to properly apply it to your marketing efforts

The online course shifted my thinking. Imagine how powerful it would be to get that knowledge, ask the teacher questions, and take action on the spot. You’ll get also get the benefit of classroom dialogue and immediate (personalized) feedback. It’s powerful and your 2017 business year will be better for it.

For more details (and an executive summary you can give to your boss ๐Ÿ™‚ ) visit

p.s. I’ll be there (I’m playing host!) as will Cory Miller. I would love to see you there, too!


6 thoughts on “SEO Bootcamp: The Ideal SEO School to Get Your 2017 in Gear”

  1. The combination of you, Rebecca, and Cory will make for a great event and is a perfect way to start the new year (especially given some of the changes coming in January to the Google algorithm).

  2. It is something that I have been searching for a long time. I am struggling right now. Seo is not about including keywords here and there, it is about writing for Humans. Nice words. I look forward to this event. Will this event take place online. Would you be offering courses which are not very expensive. I will look at Rebecca’s courses as well. Cheers, Ramkumar

  3. I guess your combination, Rebecca, and Cory will make for a great event and is a perfect way to start the new year (especially given some of the changes coming in January to the Google algorithm).



  4. I agree with writing good content to provide values to users as users are humans but at the end of the day the google algorithm is still a bot and bots can’t think like humans – all they can do is read data.

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