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Reader Interactions


  1. I have just lurked everywhere and i sure wish i needed a website. I’d hire you in a heartbeat. Love the cute pictures of you and love the blogging insights. Keep up the great work my friend. And I’m so honored you could take time to meet me for lunch last month!

    Ps. The 8,000 word per day is probably true and getting out of the house is a good idea for stay at home moms for the exact same reason.


  2. Great points, all. For me, the biggest issue isn’t that you work where you live, but that you live at your office! Separation is critical, as you pointed out.

    I’d add another tip – “Dress for success.” Yes, you could work in your PJs, but you could also burn down your house. I don’t advocate either one, as “could” doesn’t mean “should.” Dressing for work helps to put you in the work mindset and can keep you focused on your business. (Plus, it helps to keep your wardrobe from devolving into nothing but t-shirts and sweatpants!)

    • Ha! Rudy, great point about wardrobe. I once stopped in the GAP to visit a friend who worked there. She said, “Let me show you our new corporate wear section,” and then proceeded to show me the pajamas. 🙂

  3. Hi Carrie
    Great advice backed up with experience.

    I have worked at home from time to time, but always felt isolated.
    It never bothers my wife.
    I wonder if the social networks, that women appear to use more than men, make a difference?

    • Interesting point about social media – it definitely goes a long way to keeping a sense of “connection” to the outside world!

  4. Sorry for second comment Carrie but I wanted to share this on Facebook and can’t see an obvious way to do it.

    You have a facebook “like” button but no share.

    • Yes, my social share service (say that 3x fast) removed the FB share just last week I want to say FB removed support for that feature (maybe trying to push people to the official FB plugin?), but don’t quote me. I need to look into it. Which social plugin are you using?

  5. Hey Carrie, sound advice and good perspective coming from you as usual. 🙂 Having worked out of the home for over 20 years, there is a lot of give and take… you find your groove. Been involved with Chambers of Commerce, sat on boards, yada, yada, yada. It’s all good as long as it is horizontal with your goals.

    In fact both Judy and I have worked a good part of that together at home, and people wonder how we have managed it this long.. Cheers!

    • Howdy, Bob! Nice to see you around these parts. 🙂

      Yes, it takes a special something for couples to work together at home. I know many who do it well (i.e. Bourns, Rennicks); I also know that I’m not one of them. Ha!

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