Remove “Powered by Genesis” on Sixteen Nine Pro

Quick Tip: Remove “Powered by Genesis” on Sixteen Nine Pro

We came, we saw, we ooohed and ahhhed!

Brian Gardner is notorious (in a good way) for using his personal site as a playground for new Genesis theme designs. If we’re lucky, he’ll eventually release them into the wild for us to gobble up and use on our sites.

Such is the case with the Sixteen Nine Pro theme. It’s stark, minimal, and has something unique among StudioPress themes — It runs the site header down the left column instead of across the top. It’s lovely in its simplicity.

Sixteen Nine Theme for the Genesis Framework
Big ole affiliate link (watch out!)

But there’s this one thing.

It might not bug all of you…

but it’s going to bug some of you…

It’s the “Powered by Genesis” tag.

Powered by Genesis

Now don’t get me wrong, I wear my Genesis badge proud as anybody, but there are times when you’ll want to axe it and this quick tutorial will show you how.

How to Remove “Powered by Genesis” on Sixteen Nine Pro

First, let’s discuss where the “Powered by Genesis” is coming from. If you crack open a pristine install of Sixteen Nine, you’ll find the following around line 119 in functions.php.

The theme uses the genesis_footer_output filter to change the default output (which is typically something longish like “Copyright © 2013 · Theme Name · Genesis Framework by StudioPress · WordPress“) to a short and sweet “Powered by Genesis.”

Based on your comfort level mucking around in theme files, I’m going to show you three ways to change the footer output. As a side note, if you’d like to dig deeper into the Genesis Framework and understanding things like actions and filters, check out Nick Croft’s awesome series: Genesis Explained.

#1 Use the Genesis Simple Edits plugin

This method is so quick, easy, and code-free, you’ll have time left over to bake me cookies. You’ll need the Genesis Simple Edits plugin – it’s available for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Go download it. I’ll wait for you here.


From your WordPress Admin, go to Genesis > Simple Edits. Check the box that says Modify Entire Footer Output and then type whatever you want (you can add links or other HTML tags).

Genesis Simple EditsBoom. That was easy.

#2 Edit functions.php directly

If you know how to upload files via FTP and fix functions.php if something goes wrong, this is the method for you. We’re going to modify the code you saw above directly in functions.php.

This is the line we’re going to change:

If you’re not familiar with that little %s, it’s PHP speak for returning a plain ole string. Think of it as a placeholder for a string to be determined shortly.

In the original code, the first %s gets replaced by “Powered by” and the second %s by “Genesis,” where “Genesis” is wrapped in a link to the StudioPress site. You can keep the same structure and just replace those strings with your own link and verbiage. Really, you can change it however you want. Just watch your syntax, mac.

Here are a couple of examples you could use to change it:

Outputs: Powered by Starbucks

$output = sprintf( '<p>%s<a href="">%s</a></p>', __( 'Powered by ', 'sixteen-nine' ), __( 'Starbucks', 'sixteen-nine' ) );

Outputs: I heart Starbucks.

$output = sprintf( '<p><a href="">%s</a></p>', __( 'I love Starbucks', 'sixteen-nine' ) );

You may wonder why we’re using that %s at all as opposed to just writing out the string we want. Technically you could just write out the string you want, but the way it’s coded in the example allows for friendly language translation of that string. Since Sixteen Nine Pro is a translation-ready theme, that’s an important bit for the original theme, but may not matter for your purposes.

#3 Use the Genesis Extender plugin

This last method is for those already using Genesis Extender plugin. Now don’t go buy Genesis Extender just to do this one thing, BUT, if you already own it, it’s perfect for this task (and lots of other things too)!

This is pretty much the same as the previous method, except 1) we’re going to plop our code into Genesis Extender instead of functions.php and 2) we need to change the name of our function so it doesn’t conflict with the original function. From your WordPress Admin, go to Genesis > Extender Custom > Functions.

Plop this entire code chunk in and change the highlighted line per the instructions in the previous method:

*Note that I changed the function name from the original sixteen_nine_custom_footer to my_custom_footer

That’s it!

Powered by… ?

Alright, the power to change the “Powered by Genesis” now rests in your hands. Happy editing!

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