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  1. Yes, very helpful Carrie. I’m a Lynda subscriber and have stumbled across your excellent courses in Genesis – wonderful stuff! Any more courses planned for release? Something I’m really interested in is CPTs – not really how to set up as there are a variety of great plugins to do – more about how to fine tune them specifically with genesis.

    • Thanks, Robert!
      I don’t have anything in the words for CPTs, but there are loads of great tutorials (both WordPress and Genesis-specific) available. The best way to learn it (or at least the way I did) is to keep hacking away at code from tutorials and the WordPress codex until it clicks.


  2. Good advice Carrie. I think we can be too reliant these days of getting a quick fix without putting the effort in to understand how it all works. Will get hacking….

  3. Do you use ACF much, Carrie? When I have something like this that I want to have specially formatted, I usually set up a page template that activates an ACF field group when selected. The ACF field group will utilize a repeater field (containing, say, image, name, title, description) so that they can add as many staff members (or whatever) that they want, and then I will set up the styling with a combination of HTML included in the page template file and CSS. It works well and might cover what you’re doing here with custom post types.

  4. When using CMB instead of Types in code below?

    function cd_team_member_details() {
    echo ‘‘ . types_render_field( ‘team-member-title’, array(“output”=>”html”) ) . ‘‘;
    echo ” . types_render_field( ‘bio’, array(“output”=>”html”) ) . ”;

  5. I have set the featured image as a parallax background on each page and post in the header, but when the post is on an archive news page I want to display a different featured image any idea how i would go about that – thanks

    • What you’re going for is definitely outside the scope of this post, but it sounds like what you’re looking for is a way to associate a featured image with a particular category and then display that information on a category archive page. As for associating a featured image with a category, there are several plugins in the WP repo that address that (it’s been awhile since I looked at them, so I don’t really have a recommendation). From there, you’d just need to grab the image and display it on your archive page. The way you grab it will depend on the way whatever plugin (or custom code you use) stores the featured image in the database. I would imagine it’s stored as term meta.

  6. Hi Carrie

    Thanks for your post.

    I’m trying to create one custom category page that – unlike my other category pages – just lists the full content of a number of category posts. Unlike my other category pages, I want this page to have a category description, but then just a list of full posts. No post excerpts or summary, no Read More links, no title-link or featured-image-link to the full post. Just a list of short posts in their entirety.

    I’ve got as far as creating a category_slug.php file and uploading it in my root directory. But I simply cannot figure out how to modify the code to make the rest happen. Any pointers?

    I am using Genesis Sample Theme…Here is the category page I am trying to customize:


  7. Great article and loads of good information Carrie Dils! I’m using a Genesis Child them (News Pro) and wanted to know if there is anyway to completely hide the posts from the category archive?

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