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Reader Interactions


  1. Great read especially for a Monday. I am struggling with getting sidetracked with so much work going on. Started hiding my email window instead of leaving it open on the second monitor. That alone stopped “chasing rabbits”. That and training my priority care clients that things will get done asap not in the next 10 minutes.

  2. Good article – clearly put. Something I already know, but good to be reminded about as it’s easy to drift away from that focus.

  3. The lawnmowing/clothes thing, they would also call that ADD.
    I’ve noticed a lot of my friends on the Wirdpress community tend to lean that direction, myself included.

  4. Really needed to hear this right now, although I have thought about it and know that it is true, I slipped back into checking email many times a day and interrupting my work flow. I love your lawnmowing example!

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