OfficeHours.FM Podcast

OfficeHours.FM Podcast (Retired)

OfficeHours.FM Podcast

Hosted by Carrie Dils, OfficeHours.FM was a weekly podcast targeting small business owners, freelancers, and others providing web-based products or services. My guests were successful freelancers, thought leaders in the digital space, and people who’ve done a little of everything from freelance to enterprise.

From 2014 – 2018, OfficeHours.FM:

  • Published 160+ episodes
  • Launched a popular e-book highlighting business wisdom from the first 100 episodes
  • Launched a membership site for listeners
  • Received 1500+ unique visitors monthly
  • Mentioned on WPTavern, Matt Report, the WP Chick, WP Explorer, WP Elevation, WP Riders, Innovabiz, Torque Mag, DradCast,, WP Site Care, WP Shout, and more
  • Launched a special Top 10 edition

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