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Why I Freaking Love ManageWP

Picture this: Me and a bunch of fellow WordPress geeks sitting around a table, eating Mexican food and discussing our favorite WordPress tools.

You know what the word for that is? Nerdvana.

As we chatted about our favorite tricks of the trade, one tool in particular got a lot of conversation: ManageWP. It’s a super-amazing dashboard where you can manage multiple WordPress sites.

Let’s talk about why I love it.

ManageWP Homepage

Consolidate Your Stuff

Raise your hand if you manage more than 5 WordPress sites. Keep your hand raised if it’s more than 10. If I get to 20 and your hand’s still raised, then bless your heart and put on your dancing shoes — your about to dance a jig of happiness .

For anyone managing multiple WordPress installations, you’ll love ManageWP because it consolidates multiple Admin dashboards into one easy-to-use (dare I say intuitive?) dashboard experience. From a single screen, you’ve got one-click access to all of your sites where you can update themes & plugins, do site backups, run security scans, and more. Lots more.

ManageWP Dashboard

So next time Yoast updates his WordPress SEO plugin, no need to login to each of your sites to update it. Log in to ManageWP and click that special UPDATE EVERYTHING button and go drink your coffee while ManageWP does your work for you.

Are you in love yet?

Ditch the Backup Plugins

Hopefully you know the importance of having WordPress backups for your sites. There are a couple of go-to backup plugins I’ve used in the past, but ManageWP replaces the need for those.

You can schedule backups (full backups or just database) and keep a copy of the backup on the server or ship it off to an external destination (supports Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive, FTP, and email).

If something goes wonky during an update, you can easily restore a site from a backup. It’s painless – you’ll barely have time to register your heart attack over the site crash before it’s back online and working fine!

Are you in love yet?

Site Cloning

This is the feature that makes me swoon. Swoon, I tell you! The ManageWP Clone Wizard lets you quickly make copies of your websites or deploy websites from the backup files. First you just select the site you want to migrate/clone and then you select your destination.

Here are my most common uses for this feature:

Set up New Site
If you’re like me, you have a standard WordPress setup you do for every project.  Let’s say you’ve got that clean installation/setup somewhere and you want to copy it over to start a new project. Use the ManageWP Clone Tool, baby. DONE.

Move Production Site to Live Server
If you use a development domain for new sites, moving the site over to the live domain is a snap. Clone it. Pick the site you want to copy and then pick the destination. Your URLs will be updated automagically and you’ll be looking at your watch wondering what to do with all the time you just saved.

Are you in love yet?

Value Add for Clients

WordPress sites need maintenance. Period. There will always be a plugin that needs to be updated or a tweak that needs to be made.

While I’ve always offered post-project maintenance services to clients, ManageWP gives me a platform to offer a clearly defined set of services on a schedule.

ManageWP makes it easy for me to scale that service for clients at a reasonable price, too. They’ll have peace of mind that their site is being looked after and I’ll have peace of mind that I could quickly/easily restore their site in case of emergency. Win/win.

Are you in love yet?

Flexible Pricing

Speaking of reasonable pricing…. ManageWP works on a sliding scale of sorts. There are tiers of service (you’ll need the Professional Tier for the Clone Wizard) and you pay by the site.

ManageWP Pricing Plans

There’s no contract, so you can scale up or down as needed. I actually have two accounts – one for standard and one for professional – that allow me more flexibility based on my needs. If you pay annually instead of monthly, you’ll also save 10%.

Are you in love yet?

There’s an App for That

Trying on clothes at the mall and get a panic call from a client? Well now you can fix problems right from the dressing room. (Just kidding, we’re all professional webmasters here, not mall rats…)

Now you can manage all of your WordPress sites with ease, no matter where you are in the world, and all it requires is a tap of your finger. ManageWP for mobile takes everything you know and love about ManageWP and recreates it beautifully for iOS and Android platforms. – ManageWP


Try it out for Free

ManageWPYou can create an account at ManageWP and add up to five sites for FREE. You’ll get access to all the cool paid features for 14 days. Even after that, you’ll still have free access to basic features. It’s a great way to take it on a trial run and see how you like it.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, try it out!


85 thoughts on “Why I Freaking Love ManageWP”

  1. I use MWP extensively. Yes, the clone tool is dead simple. temporary sites don’t count towards your site total (if you are running them locally).

    Updating multiple sites’ plugins and core is a massive time saver and backing up is great because you can direct to S3 or Google drive.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer Carrie! That’s some great info. I think you’ve convinced me – it would be a super helpful tool and definitely something worth investing in! And I’ll check out that other read – I can use all the tips I can get when it comes to making the leap to freelancing! Thank you!

  3. I was just about to purchase iThemes, but this seems to have a bit more, and I love that I can asses the dashboard and work on clients’ posts, etc. This is amazing and thanks so much for your blog post!

  4. noticedwebsites356

    Hi Carrie, great article. Came to it late. I was looking at screenshot of ManageWP create backup task. Didn’t see an option to name the backup if wanted to choose an external backup location. Can you name the backup or does it take the default URL as the backup name? Thanks

    1. Hey there,
      I don’t believe there is a way to custom-name backup files (and confess it hadn’t occurred to me to do so until reading your comment). I’d suggest pinging the ManageWP folks and putting that in as a feature request.

      Just being nosy, but what’s your use case for a custom file name?


  5. noticedwebsites356

    I was thinking custom file name b/c if storing file names from several websites in one location, then I can tell which is which if I can custom name if the default names not very descriptive. Thanks, Phil

    1. Ah, I got ya. The structure it saves out as (at least for Dropbox) is /ManageWP/website-name/ No harm submitting your suggestion as a feature request to the ManageWP folk. That could be a helpful feature.

  6. I tried out ManageWP, and liked it well enough, but I found that MainWP ( provides a much nicer user experience, and way more free functionality ( right out of the box. Not to mention, there’s no limit to how many sites you can install it on.

    They’re also open source:

    ManageWP is a great tool, with affordable monthly rates, but once I tried MainWP there was really no comparison!

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