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I originally wrote this post to promote a ManageWP sale, however that is no longer available. What I can do is offer you a 10% discount when using my affiliate link. No code needed, just click and enjoy the savings. 🙂

If you’ve read my blog for long, you already know that I LOVE using ManageWP to single-handedly manage multiple WordPress sites.

In case you’re new to these parts, let me give you a  run-down.

The Scoop

ManageWP is a web-based service that enables you to view ALL of your WordPress installations from a single dashboard. From that dashboard you can:

  1. One-click plugin and theme updates
  2. Clean up the database
  3. Manage comments
  4. Perform site backups (supports multiple backup locations, i.e. email, DropBox, Amazon S3, etc.)
  5. Restore a site from backup (in case of emergency!)
  6. Perform site security scans.
  7. Clone sites from one server to another.
  8. And lots, lots more.

Time is Money

I don’t need to preach to the choir. I value my time and so do you. Check out this example of time saved on manually updating a load of WordPress sites vs using ManageWP to knock it out in one fell swoop.


The Fine Print

I am an affiliate for ManageWP, which means I make a small commission if you purchase it through my link. As always, I only recommend products I personally use, like, and can vouch for.

Any questions about using ManageWP? Leave a comment below!

14 thoughts on “ManageWP Discount”

  1. I love ManageWP too, but I can’t seem to find a host that works with their backup. I tried 2 of the mega-hosting companies, and they didn’t work. I just contacted another highly rated host and asked about it and was told that because of the PHP memory requirements I’d have to go to their Cloud plan, which starts at 68.95/month! Waaaay more than I need, or can afford. I asked ManageWP and they told me “any host that is supporting hosting of WordPress will work”…but that’s not really true. Can you recommend a host that works well with ManageWP that isn’t going to break the bank?

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to learning more about Genesis from you.

    1. Queen – A Small Orange works great out of the box with ManageWP. Now, I rent a hybrid server from them, but I believe their VPS hosting ($25/month) would probably work just fine as well. I don’t get a commission, but saw your question and thought I’d share, since they’ve been such a great company to work with for me. (not an affiliate link).

      Carrie – BTW, this is a beautiful site. I’m starting to get into Genesis and found you through one of the tutorials. Great work!

      1. Hi Jon,
        Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! I don’t have any experience with A Small Orange, but have noticed them as sponsors of many WordPress events, which bodes well in my book. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the reply, jonschr. I’ve come to the conclusion that only a managed host has the configuration necessary to use the backup and clone features, but they are all around $25/month and offer their own backup and other services like staging, etc. I’m still using ManageWP, but I am disappointed that in order to use some of the most valuable features, I have to pay 5 times as much for hosting.

    1. Hey Fran! Sorry I missed your original comment. I’ve used ManageWP with several shared hosts and not had an issue. I’m guessing it varies from server to server (sometimes, in a shared host situation, even the exact same hosting plan might end up on a variety of server configurations. Tech support for those companies will generally throw the burden back on you as opposed to suggesting a bump to a different server.

      Jon recommends A Small Orange. I haven’t hosted with them, but good to know that works with ManageWP. As for WP-managed solutions, the best deal out there is the “tiny” plan from Flywheel ( – $15/mo. I’ve got 7 or 8 sites hosted there and have been pleased with the level of service.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks, Carrie. I’ll check into Flywheel. We’ve settled on WPEngine for most of our client sites. I’d still like to know a couple of shared hosts that will work with the ManageWP backup and clone features. I’ve tried it on GoDaddy, BlueHost and Site5, without success. Can you tell me which you’ve used? Offline, if necessary 😉

        Thanks for a great site! I’ve learned a lot. I’m so sold on Genesis, I wouldn’t use anything else! I’ve been working with Dynamik lately too and LOVE it! Great for a newbie like me.

        1. I’ve use ManageWP with 3 GoDaddy sites and 1 Bluehost site. Never hosted with Site5! 🙂

          I think you’ll be happy with WPEngine. They’re great for staging/deploying sites and I’ve nothing but positive experiences with their customer service!

          1. Hmmmm…GoDaddy told me they didn’t support the zip format for backups. I don’t remember what BlueHost said, and I think Site5 it had something to do with the time.

            I love WPEngine, I just can’t get everyone to get on board with the price. 🙁

          2. Oh! Maybe I should clarify… I’ve used the Clone tool with those hosts. As for backups, I always store externally (usually Dropbox).

            I know what you mean about convincing clients that managed hosting is “worth it,” however I’ve had two sites this year (both on GD) that were injected with hacks (despite all plugins/installs up to date and secure passwords). In both cases, the client had to pay for to do the cleanup + my admin time. A year’s worth of managed hosting would have been cheaper… From now on, that’s my party line. 🙂

  3. This blog owner may offer hosting that would work with ManageWP (I do this as well), if you want a different alternative. The clone feature is incredible with ManageWP (it’s the single biggest reason I use the service), and I’ve heard it’s getting even better in ManageWP 3.0, though they wouldn’t give me a date on that.

    1. Hi there,
      I’ve successfully used both WPE and Flywheel. The only trouble I’ve ever run into is cloning and extremely LARGE site, in which case a timeout is usually triggered and the clone fails. Some hosts have a limit on how much data can be imported into MySQL via the manual import (I don’t know the details of how MWP executes a clone, but it certainly involves a data import). I think WPE is 500mb. While Flywheel does offer a database admin tool, it’s not phpMyAdmin and I don’t think there’s even an option to directly import a db (in theory not needed as they offer free migrations). All that said, not sure what the limit is with Flywheel.

      So, loooooooong story short, MWP works with both of those hosts, but you’ll likely have trouble with that clone feature on ANY host if it’s a big site.


  4. Legend. Thank you so much. If it is a ‘big’ site I’m sure either of those hosts will oblige in helping it go smoothly. Have a great day (well it’s Monday morning here in Aus).


    1. If you opt to go with WPE, here’s a coupon for 4 free months -> cyberhostspecial13 (Note: It’s only good 11/29-12/2 and that link below is a big ole affiliate link)

      WP Engine cyberhostspecial13 Special Offer

      Haven’t seen any holiday coupons floating around for Flywheel yet, but that’s not to say they can’t crop up.

      Feel free to use up all of Monday in Australia so I won’t have to deal with it here.

      😉 Carrie

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