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ManageWPI’ve talked here before about my love for ManageWP as a great tool for wrangling multiple WordPress sites. It boasts a lot of housekeeping features that are essential if you’re a WP admin over many kingdoms.

You can find out more about these great features at managewp dot com, but that’s not what this post is about.


In case you didn’t know, there’s a whole other world over at managewp dot org.

Launched in October 2013, ManageWP.org is like the Reddit of WordPress (except it’s a million times prettier). It’s an awesome way to discover what’s happening in WordPress from a number of perspectives (business, community, plugins, themes, etc.). Run by the folks at ManageWP.com, .org is a non-profit effort intended as a creative way to give back to the WordPress community.

ManageWP.org is a social place – you can up-vote articles, comment, or share an article you discovered (You can see the ManageWP share button on this post. I’m using Jetpack‘s social sharing along with the ManageWP.org Sharing for WordPress plugin).

Along with WP Tavern and Post Status, ManageWP is my go-to source to see what’s happening in the (WordPress) world. According to ManageWP creator, Vladimir Prelovac,

The site was built to capture the pulse of the community in real-time, and since the launch we helped discover and promote over 1,500 WordPress blogs and authors.

A little over a year in existence, maybe you’re wondering why I’m talking about ManageWP.org?

Well, that’s not really what this post is about either.

Rising Stars

Okay, okay, I’ve laid the foundation and now on to the point. Last week ManageWP.org rolled out a new feature to help folks discover the best new plugins.

how to pick a pluginFor eons (or at least three years), I’ve coached people to look at the following when picking a WordPress plugin:

  1. Was it updated within the past year?
  2. Does it have at least 4 stars and a crap ton of downloads?
  3. Are support threads regularly resolved?

While there’s nothing bad about my advice, it’s meant that I never considered newer plugins (unless I knew the developer).

Enter the plugins search feature at ManageWP.org. It’s a refinement of Prelovac’s earlier effort to help connect folks to plugins with fewer than 100K downloads.

In addition to highlighting “up and comers” in the plugin space, the tool provides ways to both discover and narrow down a search for any plugin in the WordPress repository (any it does so with a much nicer user interface).

My favorite feature though? It’s the side by side comparison of any two plugins. And the drop-downs include auto-complete (can I get a whu whut?!).

Compare Plugins Side by SideIt’s not pulling in any extra data than what you would get in the repo (although the repo doesn’t specifically offer a compare feature), but the user interface is such a vast improvement, I see myself using this more often.

Bookmark it for the next time you’re on the hunt for a plugin. Or have you already used it? What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was wondering if you’ve looked at MainWP and how it compares to ManagedWP. I just stated using MainWP but have not yet tried any others.

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