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Reader Interactions


  1. First of all, this is an incredible resource page! Awesome stuff. I have to keep this bookmarked. Second, Carrie, you are one of my go-to developers for all things Genesis. I super appreciate you. Seems like when I need help with Genesis related stuff, you are around. It might be a comment on someone else’s website or helping out in the StudioPress forum. You are one of my heroes! Thank you so much. Also, I love that you live in Fort Worth where I used to live. It helps me keep connected to the city some.

    I am glad you are Lovecat. 🙂

    • Hey Jacob,
      I appreciate you leaving a comment here (and on other posts as well). It’s the interactions that help drive the value of the content for other readers.


  2. Thanks for including me in company with Cory and Chris. I didn’t think I was near them at all, but that’s the third time in the last 2 weeks I’ve been mentioned with them.

    And you’re awesome to Carrie. I’m always happy when we get to chat.

  3. Thanks for including me! I enjoyed talking with you earlier this summer about contributing. Glad to see you get involved! If you ever need to chat about anything, I’m available.

    You’re an awesome lady, Carrie Dils. 😉

    • KIM! Thanks for stopping by with a comment. You are a rockstar in the WordPress community and I appreciate your open-armed approach to teaching others. You rock, chica.

  4. Can I be a Thunder Love Cat? That would be awesome — either way thanks for including me here! Awesome list and privileged to be mentioned!

    • Of course you can! Glad I’ve gotten to hang out with you via Week in WordPress a couple of times. When I was first getting to know WordPress, the Matt Report was such an awesome way to get the extra insight into all my “WordPress heroes.” And it still is, for that matter.


  5. “Twice in the past week I’ve been asked by strangers to share my resources (knowledge) and my network (relationships).” … I was just going to email you with the same question and then your post came out. Thank you very much for sharing this stuff! Good Karma to you!!

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