Introducing: The Fearless Freelancer

Introducing: The Fearless Freelancer

You know that feeling you get when you finally push something out into the world that you’ve been working on for months? Dang, it’s a good feeling!

After a year of thinking about it and months of work, I am super-excited to launch my latest project, The Fearless FreelancerTM. It’s a collection of courses designed to help new (and aspiring) freelancers navigate the business aspects of freelancing.

I’ve been freelancing for a long time (since 1997, to be precise) and I realize something now that I didn’t know then: honing a craft that people will pay you for and actually running a profitable business are two very different things. I see so many freelancers excited for that first part, but flail about when it comes to the second.

So I said to myself, “Self, how can I help?” After a lot of thought and plenty of conversations with mentors, the answer became obvious: share what I’ve learned. After all, that’s simply the thing I’ve tried to do since I created this blog.

Learn something, share it

I used to think that I needed to Know It All before I could offer authoritative help to others. The impostor syndrome-voice in my head still thinks that.

I don’t have an MBA. I’ve never had a seven-figure year. I don’t have processes out the wazoo or a team of sub-contractors at the ready. My client list is humble. I’m not Big Time.

So what makes me qualified to teach other freelancers to run a profitable business? Nothing except the fact that I’ve done it for a long time. To get my feet metaphors going: I’ve stood in those shoes, walked that path, and stumbled over plenty.

I’ve learned a lot and I’m going to keep sharing it. If you want to leave traditional employment to freelance or know someone who does, send them my way.

To learn more about the courses, I’d love for you to visit

Carrie is an outstanding educator and thought-leader in the WordPress and freelance communities. She is dedicated to empowering others with the knowledge to build successful careers. I encourage you to learn something from her! – Jordon Rupp, WordPress developer and digital strategist

The Fearless Freelancer

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  1. Yes! Thanks a bunch Carrie, this is what I have been looking for I know its going to help me… Let’s go…

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