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Reader Interactions


  1. Very timely for me, Carrie. Thank you!

    Which project management tool is your favorite, for small projects, e.g., one or two developers, one client contact person, two or three content writers?


    • I tend to gravitate toward Basecamp out of familiarity. In my dream world, everyone involved with the project would just use Github issues to track things. 😉

  2. I have good intentions on finishing at a set time, then I get a little bored at night and wander into my home office and next thing you know it’s 11.30pm at night…Sigh…

    One thing that I find difficult to control in terms of efficiency is the client getting their content/images/whatever to me so it may be booked in but they haven’t kept up their end of the bargain.

  3. Agree to you Carrie. Since I started creating reminders for my tasks, my productivity has been improved a lot. It also helps me plan my day.

    For me using the browser extensions and mobile apps also work in a great manner. It saves me lot of time.

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