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  1. This is so timely… While I’ve known of custom post fields (and have used them on other sites I contribute on) and custom post types, I’m finally forcing myself to learn to use them (at least, that’s what I tell myself!!) This is a big help — thank you!

    I’m really trying to grasp custom post types. This right-brained girl’s eyes glaze over before ending paragraph one in most ‘how-to’s. Maybe that will be an upcoming post? 😉

    • Glad to hear it! Yeah, I’ve been working with CPTs more lately and absolutely digging the way it extends WordPress. I’m using the WP-Types & Views plugins (there’s a link in my footer, I think) that has taken some of the learning curve out of CPTs and actually helped me understand them better. Sounds like a good topic for an upcoming post, indeed. 🙂

      • Back again, after thinking on this more 🙂

        I’m trying to create a custom page that lists contributors for a site. I’ve found no easy way to pull in the info from the user profiles (I’ve found one… but wow — over my head)

        So I’m wondering if custom post type and custom fields might work in the situation instead? What do you think? I am still misunderstanding how to use them?

        • (that should say AM I still misunderstanding, although, I think I could make the statement that I am 🙂

          also: That plugin looks great! If I end up purchasing, I’m using your affiliate link because you/your site is super helpful.

          • I appreciate that! In the interest of disclosure, I’ll tell you that I had some problems when I migrated a site to a new URL that was using the Types/Views plugin. Don’t know if it was a fluke or a bug, but it cost me time to fix and was annoying. While it IS a very cool tool, I think it has some room for improvement, especially considering it’s $40 bucks. When I pay for a premium plugin, I don’t want bugs. 🙂 The support forums are decent though. Just FYI!

        • How many contributors are you talking about? The simple solution might be a regular ole page with some copy/paste action.

          First part of the puzzle is to make sure all your info is “grouped” together for your contributors (if I’m understanding correctly, this is where your custom fields question comes in):

          1) Where are you pulling user profiles? Your site?
          2) Do those profiles contain all the pertinent info already or are you wanting to add to it (i.e. Favorite Color)? If not, this is where adding fields to the user profiles might be adequate. There are some plugins out there that’ll let you extend user profiles with extra fields – no code required.

          Second part of the puzzle is the output or display of all this great info. That’s where a custom page template can come in.

          • It’s about 14 right now… and could grow. I’m good with copy and paste if that is the best solution. But would custom fields help keep everything formatted the same for each contributor?

            1) User profiles pulled from bio. But maybe it’s entered/pasted into custom fields too, in order to make this work.
            2) it would be name, bio, twitter, facebook, pinterest, website…

            *head explodes* lol


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