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  1. Definitely agree.

    Gravity Forms has consistently been part of our standard plugins we install with every site created. I’ve had a subscription for a little over three years. It’s been rock solid and I’ve used it to help with eCommerce forms, membership sites, landing pages, etc… I love the honeypot feature to keep spammers out. That’s worth it’s weight in gold. If things get super spammy I can even bring in Akismet (use wisely…). Because of the honeypot and Akismet, I have yet to need the CAPTCHA feature.

    I did have a surprise this year, and had a few sites hacked that were running Gravity Forms. Unfortunately, I didn’t update the plugin soon enough, and with the popularity of Gravity Forms we were also a target. Of course, I was quite irritated this happened and wrote support to see what kind of security measures they had taken to harden up the plugin. I got a very thorough reply that stated Gravity Forms is very up front about security issues and discloses them so that the community can respond. Gravity Forms also does regular code audits that are performed by a Acunetix (3rd party company). After that support email, my irritation turned to awe at how diligent the folks at Gravity Forms are about making sure the plugin is professionally maintained.

    Although I rarely use it, their support is awesome. A few months back, they saved my bacon with a weird issue that was happening on an eCommerce site and emailed me back at all sorts of weird hours. Because of that I was able to fix the issue in one day. The client was gushing, and so am I. Thanks Gravity Forms!

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