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Reader Interactions


  1. Thinking you should bring your customer service skills out west and remind me how wonderful it is to hang with a ward-dils. Miss you and your funny and intelligent insights.

    • Ditto, Dawn. Was just missing you in particular yesterday. Visiting with the Goods on their lawn. Not the same without the Lenzies!!

  2. I worked at Starbucks from 2002 to 2004 as a second job when I was saving up to buy my first house. It paid much less than my day job, but I loved the dedication to customer service that was part of that company’s DNA. SBUX also seemed to genuinely care about their partners. Lots of love for those days. Thanks for the post, Carrie. ????

  3. I just came across this, I couldn’t agree more! Working for Starbucks (2003-2008) almost ruined me for going out to restaurants 🙂

    I always felt like I was on a stage and my job was to make people smile. When I became a DM, I loved seeing our team make those connections!!!

    • Hey Jason!
      Always nice to hear from a fellow former partner. It really is something special to see it happen and I’m always overly disappointed when it doesn’t. #baristascars


  4. Thanks for the post about having great customer service skills and how to develop them. One piece of advice that I learned a while ago was to avoid what is technically right and focus on the other individual’s happiness. With that being said, it is important to leave the customer with a great experience or else they will not come back. Thanks again!

  5. Customer service is one of great features of Starbucks. It feels less automated and fake and has more soul to it then other companies in similar business I encountered.


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