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  1. One related tip: if you frequently use SSH to connect to the same hosts, you can set up a ~/.ssh/config file and include your hosts in that file (along with their IP address, port, username, path to your SSH key, etc). Then you can just type “ssh foo” going forward => keystrokes saved 🙂

    I wrote up a short blurb about it awhile back for anyone wanting more info:

  2. Hello Carrie Ma,am,
    happy to meet you here.. 🙂

    Very informative and suggestive article for us.. you know. I like this post after reading and knowing something about this through your post.

    Informative points are easy to understand for me. And therefore, I can’t hold myself to commenting on this article.. you know ma,am.

    Thanks a lot for guiding through your interesting article.. 🙂

    Have a good day..
    – Ravi.

  3. Hey Carrie – one more thing to note with WPE git. You’re pushing to the repo but that repo is then rsynced to the staging or production server. So the repo is not a true reflection of what’s on a site, as any updates on, say the live site, don’t appear in the live site’s repo.

  4. It looks like this isn’t the case now. From … “We can and will continue to keep your application’s WordPress install up-to-date – it’s just easier if the repository doesn’t contain WordPress core files. If it does, we will commit and push the WordPress core upgrade back to your repo.”

  5. They don’t allow pushing images apparently?
    I found this out today setting up a staging for a client.
    Coming from Wordmove and RunCloud this seems like a big limitation, and means I would still have to resort to FTP.

    • Are they uploaded images (i.e. in wp-content/uploads/) or part of your theme files? Did you contact WPE support? Seems like you should be able to push/pull images so long as they’re under version control.

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