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  1. Happy face! I’ve just printed (yesterday!) some of the genesis files in order to study them and understand the basis. I want to get serious about Genesis! And today in my mailbox, Carie Dills explains it all to me! How wonderful?!

  2. This is a pretty awesome find. I wasn’t aware that you’re a teacher over at Lynda. I just looked up your classes on Genesis and bookmarked them. Nice. I can’t wait to dig into them. Oh, and by the way – thank you for the above post. It’s tremendously helpful.

    Take care,

    Jay G.

  3. Good stuff! The framework hook overlay image is a good one to keep. Also, @GaryJ reminded me recently that if you use the plugin Query Monitor, it shows a list of what functions are being called on each hook. You can filter by a specific hook and even filter by parent theme or child theme. geeky-happy-dancing 🙂

  4. I’ve completed both the Up and Running & Customizing Themes tutorials at & they are excellent. Two thumbs up!

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Very nice, short and wise collection of words. You have explained all the stuff so clearly that anybody can edit the theme easily. Also your lectures are awesome.

  6. Thanks Carrie, that is very helpful. I’m afraid I know just enough about Genesis to get myself into trouble quickly. Recently I have been trying to add Google Analytics tracking to my blog (crashing it twice) and finally put it in the header part of the “Header and Footer scripts” which didn’t generate an error but GA still shows “Tracking not installed” for the site. There is some optional PHP code shown over at GA below the tracking code snippet, should I add that.? I sure don’t want to crash my site again!

  7. Thanks Carrie, The tech who helped me the first time (HostGator live chat) recommended that plugin too but when I activated it it generated error messages immediately and locked me out of admin area…this is quite frustrating!

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