Freebie: The Genesis Framework Guide for Absolute Beginners

Genesis Framework Guide for Absolute Beginners
Genesis Framework Guide for Absolute Beginners

Are you a beginner with the Genesis Framework? You’ve landed in the right spot. One of the things I love most about the Genesis Framework is the amazing community of users, designers, and developers. They’re a great resource for learning and expanding your skills with Genesis.

But what if you’re brand new to the Genesis Framework and you don’t even know what questions to ask? That’s where the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners comes in. It’s the perfect starting point for any WordPress user ready to dip their toes into the wonderful world of Genesis.

It’s 47 pages, which might seem daunting, but it’s not the kind of document you curl up with by the fireplace. My recommendation? Read the introduction, look through the table of contents and then use it as a reference guide as you walk through the installation and customization of your own site.

Get a FREE Copy of the Genesis Framework Guide for Absolute Beginners

No strings attached or email address required. Just click to download a free copy of The Introductory Guide to the Genesis Design Framework for your enjoyment.

Hey Carrie, got any more resources for Genesis Framework beginners?

I’m so glad you asked. Of course I do! Most of us learning best by doing a combination of hearing, reading, and doing. Below I’ll give you some resources to do a little bit of each.

Watch Genesis Tutorials for Beginners

I’ve got multiple Genesis Framework courses at LinkedIN Learning (formerly!

p.s. Here’s a free 30-day LinkedIN Learning trial if you’re not already a subscriber.

Reading About Genesis

I regularly write Genesis Framework tutorials (and general WordPress tips and tricks) right here on my blog. I include code snippets, the reason behind the code, and an explanation of how to do various customizations on your site. I’m your personal Genesis Framework guide! Which leads me to my last point…

How to Use Genesis Framework

You can listen to a million lectures or read a thousand tutorials, but at the end of the day, you’ll learn the most once you start to get your hands dirty in the code. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend breaking code, just so you can learn to fix it. If you already have some experience with PHP and CSS, jump right into my tutorials and try some out for yourself. If you’re brand new to working with code, I suggest reading up Editing WordPress 101.

Regardless of your skill level, if you get stuck, I’ve written some (hopefully) helpful tips in this post about Learning to Troubleshoot WordPress.

Download the FREE Genesis Framework Guide for Beginners

7 thoughts on “Freebie: The Genesis Framework Guide for Absolute Beginners”

  1. I watched the video “WordPress and Genesis: Building Child Themes from Scratch” on a few weeks ago, and now I am reading your blog. I just realize that you are the creator of the video.

    Great help! Thanks!

  2. I’m very beginner with coding or anything about code. It was very confusing when I bought a genesis framework (only) with sample child theme. Dont know how to costumize even simple thing like footer credit, lol 😀

    I will learn all your courses, and Thank you very much for that.

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