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  1. This is beautiful, thank you for your timeliness, I met Kim twice and she hugged me, and I have seen her a lot in IRC. She has given a lot to the community and will be truly missed. She was a very special lady. 🙁

  2. The greatest thing about Kim is that whether you’re standing at the back of the line or the front she would have walked her way down that line to let everyone know they were equally as important and that the only reason there’s a line is because everyone can’t be in the same place at once.

  3. That was a sweet, lovely, and soul-searching tribute to your friend. I’m sure that Ms. Parsell valued your friendship as much, if not more, than you grieve her loss. There is an old song written by the legendary Paul Simon called “Old Friends” that I think about at the death of a friend or loved one. The lyrics include these words of wisdom… “Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.”

  4. Nice writin’ Tex. As one whose spouse (just a couple of weeks ago) was diagnosed with an uncurable “orphan” disease, I just now sat down at my desk angry, read your beautiful tribute, and had my heart lifted and encouraged. Hope wins every time, eternal hope is an awesome thing to cling to…and perspective and attitude are everything. Thanks, Carrie, for restoring mine just now with this beautiful, heartfelt tribute.

  5. It proves once again that people like you and Kim can make a huge difference in people’s lives Carri. Especially if you treat them like the scripture in your post.
    Thanks for the tribute to Kim and for giving people like me (on the fringe of the workings of WP) a chance to see more of the real part of the people that make up the WP community.

  6. So what are you waiting for Carrie?
    Carry on Kim’s legacy. You’ve got the network and way more than enough ability. I’m in!!
    The Green (Kim’s) Apron behaviors are:
    • Be Generous
    • Be Knowledgeable
    • Be Considerate
    • Be Welcoming
    • Be Genuine
    “Maybe WordPress needs to adopt those cards”.


  1. […] begun to flow from fellow Docs team members (Siobhan McKeown and Drew Jaynes ), at WP Tavern , and this beautiful post by developer Carrie […]

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