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  1. This is awesome, and at the perfect time for me 🙂 I’m currently working on a new site design and just had the guys enable Staging for me to try it out. Thanks for the info Carrie!!!

    • You can push a button to copy live to staging at any time – totally automated (and darn near immediate). Moving staging to live will leave the staging site in place.

  2. Carrie:

    I use Flywheel, but am having some problems moving a live Flywheel site back into DesktopServer using the Duplicator plugin recommended by ServerPress, which isn’t a surprise given Flywheel’s custom setup. Using the backup copy from Flywheel also doesn’t work, because the archive doesn’t include the database. Do you have a recommended, relatively fast process if you have to move a live site from Flywheel back to DesktopServer for more serious development?


  3. Hi Carrie,

    I have staged my website for changing the theme. I used WP Staging plugin. Now, I’m done polishing my site and want to move the staged site back to live. How is that done? I mean as easy as I staged my site with WP Staging. Appearently, WP Staging does not have a “move back to live” option (yet)…

    Thanks for your reply

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