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  1. Great article! Question…would you mind sharing a few examples of the little gifts you mention? I love the idea…

    • Hey Charissa,

      Sure! It’s easiest when you can have something sent to an email address (versus tracking down a physical address and mailing something). To that end, something like a Starbucks card or an Amazon card are great. If you have a favorite business book (or code book) that you think that person might enjoy, you can send that via Amazon. It could even be a coffee mug.

      Whatever it is, it does NOT need to be expensive (think $5, $10, or $15). The point is that, when you take the time to followup (and with a memento to boot), you’re memorable. Those people will likely be eager to help you again in the future.


  2. Great stuff Carrie.

    Among many insightful comments, “Stick to what you know best and deliver content on that platform every week — no slacking allowed! You want to prove consistency, dedication, and ingenuity,” is the most important. Being consistent in what you offer and how you communicate is super important. Don’t tray and do all things for all people. Find your spot and go after it consistently.

  3. Great stuff Carrie! We actually do send handwritten notes to our clients once we finish a project and it has been so well received. It is crazy how they appreciate the small amount of time it takes! While most of our work thankfully is referrals – I know I have to break out of my comfort zone to be more engaging but I do find it hard to gain traction in such a saturated market where so many are trying to share the same messaging. It is really hard to stand out these days…..

    • Sounds like you’re already doing the right things to stand out. Maybe start including in those hand-written notes something to the effect of “if you know someone who could benefit from our services, we’d love your referral!” Since most of your work already is referrals, maybe putting that bug in new client’s ears could get you even closer to 100% referral.

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