An Intro to Dynamik Website Builder

If you’ve been around my blog long, you know I’m a fan of the Genesis Extender Plugin. Since I’ve already talked about cool things you can do with Genesis Extender, I thought I’d give you a quick overview of what the Dynamik Website Builder Genesis can do.

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What is the Dynamik Website Builder?

Think of Dynamik as a crazy-flexible child theme for the Genesis Framework. You install it, just like you would any other theme and you’ll see some new options appear in your Genesis menu to control settings, design, and custom code.

Dynamik Website Builder

Do you remember the “More Cowbell” skit from SNL (if not, do yourself a solid and go watch it)? Christopher Walken as The Bruce Dickinson walks into the studio and says:

Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.

So, you install the Dynamik child theme just like the rest. Except, once it’s installed, it makes gold websites. 🙂

Features Overview

Dynamik offers a full suite of code-free design options (i.e.(one-click setup for backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc), easy access to Google fonts, and more.

  • HTML5 & mobile responsive WordPress theme
  • Boatload of customization options that require NO CODE
  • “Live preview” let’s you see tweaks as you make them (before you commit to saving them)
  • Completely customizable home page configuration (control layout and widgets)

The theme also comes with a dozen “Dynamik Skins“, which are pre-configured Dynamik design options that you can upload and activate on your site. The skins can give you a big head start – if you see one you like, import it, and then you can use that as the base for any further tweaks.

Who is Dynamik Website Builder for?

Dynamik Website BuilderDynamik is a great choice for what I call the Shy DIY-er, the beginner to intermediate level WordPress developer.

You want to do things yourself, like change out fonts, colors, backgrounds, and re-arrange home page layouts, but you’re timid when it comes to messing with code or CSS. Dynamik gives you the power to do this through a friendly user interface. You can make a beautiful custom WordPress site without ever touching the code.

When you’re ready to build your confidence working directly with the CSS, or changing things around via hooks and filters, you can do that, too. All of the features of the Genesis Extender Plugin are baked right into the Dynamik theme.

Do I Need Dynamik AND Genesis Extender?

On the same website, no. If you’re using Dynamik on a site, you definitely don’t need Genesis Extender since that functionality already exists within the theme (think of Genesis Extender as a portable, mini-version of Dynamik that you can use on any Genesis Child Theme).

Genesis Extender Plugin

If you build a lot of sites with the Genesis Framework, it could make sense to have both. For instance, you’re familiar working with and love Dynamik on your site, but you get a project where you don’t need a new child theme. In that case, it’d be good to have Genesis Extender handy for your customizations.

Check out the Dynamik demo

If you’re thinking Dynamik is right for you, but want to learn more, the best way to do that is to view this Dynamik demo. It’s created by the gentleman who made the theme, Eric Hamm, and is a great visual overview of how Dynamik works.

On a side note, I’ve interviewed Eric Hamm on my podcast a couple of times. He’s a great guy – check out the episodes if you’d like to learn more.

54 thoughts on “An Intro to Dynamik Website Builder”

  1. Thanks, you two!! You just saved me a bunch of time re-writing my inquiry to Eric and his team 🙂

    Eric, thanks for confirmation of the 30-day money-back guarantee and from what I’ve seen, I love the theme it looks awesome.

    I do need to solve this simple issue mentioned in my OP.

    If I purchase the theme, and still need a simple code snipet or two, can you help me? I’m sure it’s a simple fix and I promise to be sensitive to abiding by your support policies. If need be, can you help me fix this simple issue 🙂

    1. Hey Angela,

      Certainly, my team will do what they can, within the confines of our Support Guidelines, as you mentioned, to help address stuff like this. We do try to go above and beyond with support where we can, but we recently had to layout more strict guidelines because otherwise you end up practically hold the hand of the member as they customize their entire site. But yes, we do try to provide code snippets and pointers where we can.

      Regarding using Dynamik to address custom code implementations, yes, Dynamik is incredibly powerful in this area, but that does not mean that there isn’t a bit of a learning curve at first and that you still need to sometimes figure out exactly what code to implement.

      So I just want to be clear that Dynamik is not the silver bullet solution (as no theme is), but does provide a powerfully flexible solution for many WP/Genesis members out there.


      1. Hi Eric,

        Sounds reasonable to me.

        And, I might add, based on the video Dynamik looks like a great learning tool to help me become more familiar with code a little at a time, on a need-to-know basis. Working out solutions to problems as they arise can help add to the “stickiness” of new information.


  2. Hey Christine,

    No, you don’t have to use Skins, but they can certainly be useful. And yes, when you use Skins you can still use all the no-coding design options (that’s what makes them so great).

    Just an FYI, you’ll find Premium Skins HERE and some great free ones HERE.


    1. I see (and have) the zip with what appears to be the Premium Skins… thank you. But the link to the great free ones above, goes to Eric’s site… but I don’t see any other skins. Are there more somewhere?
      Do people use Genesis themes with Dynamik — or do those not mesh together?

        1. Hey Christine,

          The links I provided are correct. The first one is to a 3rd party site which houses most of the Premium (paid) Dynamik Skins. The second link I provided goes to a 3rd party site where a talented Cobalt Apps member creates and shares his own Dynamik Skins and ideas for free (you can download them directly from the pages/posts on that site.

          The only Skin that is provided on our own website is the “Classic Skin” found in the “My Account” page when you purchase Dynamik. And that one styles your site like our original default design of Dynamik.

          Regarding using Genesis Themes with Dynamik, you can’t use two Child Themes at the same time, so no. But that’s where our other main product, Genesis Extender, comes into play. You can see the differences between these two products HERE.

          Finally, for further questions like these be sure to email our support team directly using the contact form provided in your “My Account” page on


  3. I just wanted to add here that I have been using Dynamik for about a month and recently purchased the Extender plugin as well. I’m very new to developing with WordPress and Genesis, so these tools are helping me in a couple ways:

    1) It’s allowing me to create some really great sites for people without touching too much code. I really only have experience with HTML and CSS, and I can get a lot done with just that and the tools.

    2) I’m also trying to learn PHP and Genesis coding so I can be a real developer and not just someone that plays with a few tweaks. These tools make it so easy for me to try different things as I learn. One of my favorite things to do is to use the tools to create widgets and conditions, etc., then I inspect the files to see the sort of code that was written. It’s great!

    They are both great products and I am very glad I purchased them.

    1. Hey Patrick,
      Thanks for your comment! I agree 100% about how Dynamik and Extender can be used to bridge the knowledge gap when you’re honing your developer skills. They served the same purpose for me. 🙂

      BTW – Don’t know if you’ve had a chance to watch Genesis Office Hours yet, but a little birdie told me Eric Hamm, creator of Dnyamik/Extender, will make an appearance on next week’s show.

  4. Thx for the thorough + comically inclined review of Dynamik! I primarily dev & design BuddyPress & BBPress projects using the uber-awesome Genesis framework, & on occasion Elegant Themes. I’m been planning to take Dynamik for a spin, to see if I can kick what’s I’m doing specifically w/ BuddyPress + Genesis up a notch, or 12! Maybe I’ll even make a ‘gold’ BuddyPress site, now that BuddyPress 2.0 is right around the corner 😉

    Thx again for the stellar overview on Dynamik!

    1. Just a note on Dynamik with BuddyPress. I just fixed a bug that was removing page titles on BuddyPress Pages when Dynamik is active. That fix will be included in the next release which should be out very soon. I just wanted to mention that in case you purchase before the update and noticed that bug.


  5. Hey Carrie, it’s been a few years since you talked about Dynamik. Just wondering if you’ve come across anything else that offers similar capabilities in a more intuitive way? I’ve found other good options for styling, but nothing that can do functions, conditionals, hook boxes, etc. without diving into the Genesis code.

    1. Hey Michele! If you don’t want to hop into the code, but want the ability to mess with the hooks, functions, etc., take a look at Genesis Extender plugin. It’s basically Dynamik, except it’s a plugin that can work with any Genesis theme vs actually being a theme. I wrote a comparison post on it here and think it’s still the best option based on what you’re describing.

      In other news, if you’re into Beaver Builder (here’s my take on BB), the Cobalt Apps team just announced “Beaver Extender“, which is just like Genesis Extender but works specifically with the BB framework. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but might be worth checking out.

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