Customizing Genesis Themes

Customizing Genesis Themes Just Got Easier

I’m really excited to announce my first course release on Customizing Themes with Genesis for WordPress. I’ll give you more details about the class in a second, but first…

A little about Lynda and Me

If you’re not familiar with Lynda, it’s a video-based tutorial site that’s been around 1995 (yes, it actually pre-dates YouTube for streaming content!). My first introduction to Lynda Weinman was via her web design books in the late 90’s. They were beautifully produced books that taught the basics of web graphics, html, and css.

Fast-forward to 2010 when I started working with WordPress… I signed up for an annual subscription to with the goal of quickly learning WordPress. After a handful of WordPress classes by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, I was on my way to setting up a business creating WordPress sites for people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Morten last year at WordCamp San Francisco 2013, where I pulled a WordCamp n00b maneuver by getting starry-eyed over the opportunity to meet someone who’d been so influential in my WordPress experience (and he didn’t even know it!). Some time after that meeting, Morten introduced me to the folks at Lynda and so the journey of becoming a Lynda author began.

In early July, I spent a week in Carpinteria, CA where the Lynda headquarters are and recorded two classes, the first of which Lynda released on Friday, August 22. So that brings us to present…

Customizing Genesis Themes

Customizing Themes with Genesis for WordPress is ideal for someone who already has a foundation working WordPress and Genesis and wants to take their understanding of the Genesis Framework a bit deeper. I talk a lot about the file structure and “guts” of the Genesis Framework and how to use that help you with theme customizations. I’ll also walk you through how to work with actions and filters to bend any Genesis child theme to your will.

The course is a little over an hour and includes some practical exercises to help cement your knowledge. While subscriptions cost money, here’s a link to a free 7-day trial if you want to check out my class or any other classes in the learning library. If you go over a week, the subscription fees are well worth the money for the access you get to awesome tutorial content. At least, I think so. 🙂

Course Preview

Here’s a wee preview of the course introduction. If you take the course, I’d love to hear your feedback. Want more video tutorial content? I’d love to hear your ideas for future topics.

48 thoughts on “Customizing Genesis Themes Just Got Easier”

  1. Hi Carrie,
    I’m so glad you did this course as I am learning genesis and it was not easy to figure out things like hooks, filters, actions…So that helped a lot and I’m glad to have everything in one place! Great work!

    I am new to Lynda and don’t know if it’s like udemy where you can ask a question to the teacher. Is the Faqs the place to ask you a question on Lynda? I have some doubts about actions and filters that I’d like to resolve..

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Chrys,
      Glad you liked the course! There’s not really a “ask the teacher” aspect to Lynda (at least that I know of yet). Feel free to ask here and I’ll see if I can get you pointed in the right direction via clarification or additional resources.


  2. Carrie, I was so excited to see yourself and Genesis in the same package at Lynda. I couldn’t understand how it was taking them so long to cover Genesis. Now finally I am starting to understand how to customize Genesis. I’m also a visual learner and haven’t really stood a chance without the video tutorials.

    You did a great job of breaking it all down. Thanks again. Ive left a comment with Lynda requesting further Genesis courses by your good self so hopefully more will do the same.

    Take care


  3. Hi carrie,

    For some reason I cannot answer above my thread..When I hit “reply” it wouldn’t work. So I’m wrinting here…
    The two questions I had are:

    – Do I have to remove the action I want to work with before adding it again with a tweak?
    remove_action (‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘genesis_post_info’,12);
    add_action (‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘genesis_post_info’,9);

    It sounds logical to remove the action with the 12 priority before adding the same one with a 9 priority but I want to be sure. I couldn’t just put the add_action line with the 9 priority in my functions.php, could I?

    – It’s a bit the same question for the filter. Couldn’t I just copy paste in functions.php the echo apply_filters line which is l.75 in the tutorial in comments.php and replace the word “comments” by what I want?

    I’m sorry if that sounds silly..I’m learning so I like to understand things…:-)

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Carrie,

    I just finished your course “Customizing Themes with Genesis for WordPress” and I have to say you did a great job explaining action hooks and filters and how to use them! I have been using the genesis framework for a while now so this course was perfect timing. I highly recommend for anyone who already knows a bit about genesis but wants to take it to the next level of controlling customization.

    – Trever

  5. Carrie, great tutorials. Watched them both tonight. I had hoped to hear more about good practices for adding a few lines of CSS to child themes, such as to the colors of Executive Pro, no layout changes. I do this, add the code to the end of other child themes. Do I need to give the theme a new name? Have asked StudioPress staff and gotten skilled answers but basically the: go to the forums response, nothing I feel secure with just due to the nature of quick emails and support staff and forums. So I was hoping to hear from you on this in the video. Also, you mentioned a few Genesis plugins but not all the plugins I use, such as Layout Extras or Simple Hooks or Genesis Extender. Thank you and for doing this video. I needed this. Please reply if you can.

  6. I was just curious if you had a list of plugins you like and what you think of these popular ones or if they are relevant in your work.

  7. Sorry, I see the chapter on the stylesheet now. It sounds like you’re saying it is okay to tweak colors, etc in CSS of the child theme and not rename it.

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