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  1. Hi Carrie,

    I’m finding that, in customization example 2, the modification to the loop is also affecting the display of the recent posts widget that I’m running on the front page – i.e. the widget is conforming to the restrictions within the updated query.

    Pretty sure there’s some way to reset this behaviour so the widget is unaffected (ie. displays the recent posts regardless of category), but as yet it eludes me. Any ideas?

    • That’s weird – I’m not able to reproduce locally, but we might have different things going on. Drop a line through UP support with your site and I’ll take a peek!

  2. Carrie, I’m seriously struggling. Can you help me remove the posts loop and replace with a new widget area on the Education Pro theme?

  3. Carrie – Thank you for this and for your wonderful utility pro theme. I find that the tutorial for adding a widget is missing one step, which is that the widget needs to be added to the following function in the front-page.php:

    function utility_pro_homepage_setup() {

    $home_sidebars = array(
    ‘home_welcome’ => is_active_sidebar( ‘utility-home-welcome’ ),
    ‘home_gallery_1’ => is_active_sidebar( ‘utility-home-gallery-1’ ),
    ‘call_to_action’ => is_active_sidebar( ‘utility-call-to-action’ ),
    ‘your_widget_name_here’ => is_active_sidebar( ‘your-widget-id-here’ ),

    I was only able to get the code for adding the widget to work after I made the above modifications

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