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  1. Hi Carrie,
    This is great! I would like to exclude one category. How would I go about doing that?

    • Hey Kim, you can add an exclude argument to get_terms(). I haven’t tested this, but the idea would be something like:

      $categories = get_terms( 'category', 'orderby=name&order=ASC&exclude=termID');

  2. Very nice; thanks. One suggestion: add a ‘posts_per_page’ argument to WP_Query (-1, for all) to override your site’s default setting.

  3. Hi,
    how would you go about spacing the items in the list a bit more?
    I like how it looks but the post titles appear so close to each other, it’s not user friendly to read.

    Also, is there any way to add a “search box” at the top of the list as well?

    thank you

  4. Hi
    thanks when I add the code in your wordpress-search-box article in functions.php I get a critical error.

    I tried on two different websites and I get the same error.

    Maybe I should not enter the <?php
    at the beginning of the code?

    Thank you

  5. This is great thanks, Ive just started learning this framework in light of looking for a really fast loading website without all the baggage. Bit os a learning curve though 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Carrie for sharing your informative post about creating a page that lists posts by category using the Genesis and WordPress powered sites. As i am a great lover of Genesis themes and your post is really very helpful for me! Keep up the great work dear!

  7. Very cool tutorial and very easy to understand. I have used this and have been able to customize it a little, however I would like to see the categories and their corresponding posts in columns. I am thinking 3 or 4 columns repeating until all categories and their posts are displayed. Any advice on where to begin?

    • The code in this post isn’t 100% ready to use, but it should give you a starting point. Basically, you want to add a counter to the loop so that you can throw in a

      with a column class every X categories. Most StudioPress themes have built-in column classes. Check style.css and search for column classes and you can use those.

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