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  1. Great post Carrie, especially around the video creation component. I often come across some really fantastic course ideas but the execution of the media components is – well – lacking (and unfortunately it reflects poorly on the entire course experience).

    I recently listened to Zac Gordon talk about his experience in creating video/audio in his course on Joe Casabona’s “How I Build It” podcast. I’ve included a link to it below as I think that it makes a good compliment to the tips you shared.


  2. Carrie, it’s reSEARCH, deTAIL, deFAULT and recoMMEND, not REsearch, DEtail, DEfault or REcommend.
    it is very annoying and distracting to listen to someone consistently misplacing the stress. Pass it on to your buddy mor10 too.

    • Andrei,
      You might not be aware, but language pronunciation differs greatly by region. I would suggest finding written courses so that you’re not annoyed and distracted with the audio.

      REspectfully yours,

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