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  1. Hey Carrie, great post. Most people don’t calculate the costs to revenue like you did. I will include you analysis in the lyft vs uber debate. It helps if tips can make up the balance, but it’s really not worth the time if you have a full time job. Thanks for the post.

  2. “Drivers have no clue where a fare is headed until you pick them up”

    The few times I’ve used Uber the app asked for both the pickup point and the destination. Maybe it is different were you live.

  3. I’m certain that the last time I got in Uber to go back to my hotel (which I entered on the iPhone app) the driver knew what hotel I was going to and I could see the route on his iPhone mounted to his dash. He also got voice commands… which was good because he must have been new and didn’t know his way around Chicago all that well. (I went from the Art Institute up to a well-known 4-star hotel on Michigan… a pretty simple route.)

    Why wouldn’t the driver know the drop-off point? How else can they decide if they want to do the pick-up? If it is, say an airport run, maybe they don’t want to drive that far from the city or maybe they are ready to call it a day and want to go home?

    Well, you were behind the wheel, so I guess you know better than I, but I’m wondering if maybe this is a local issue. Maybe some localities don’t allow drivers to know the drop-off so that they can’t discriminate?

    • Sorry, I should clarify. Once the driver accepts the ride, the destination is displayed with map/directions/etc. I suspect it’s not displayed prior to that for the reason you mention – someone may not want to pick up a fare that’s going a long way off, which isn’t good for the customer.

      If you pick up a fare and then, seeing the destination, decide you don’t want it, you can cancel the ride at that point. I’m not certain of the exact penalties for canceling too many rides as a driver, but from what I’ve read, it can get you deactivated or put in an Uber time out.

      That’s not to rule out the possibility of different rules for different locales – I’m sure that exists.

  4. I just did some research and it I’m WRONG in my post above. The driver does not see the destination until after I tap “accepted.” That is why I saw the route on his iPhone when I got in the car.

    I travel a lot. I truly love Uber. I used to dread hailing a cab not knowing whom I might get as a driver or what condition the car would be. With Uber the drivers always seem to be friendly and ‘clean’ and the cars spotless. I don’t have to pull out cash or a credit card… and I don’t have to tip, but I usually do. From and to airports I always use a limo/black car service which I can arrange in advance (which you can’t do with Uber) but for intra-city travel I ‘live’ in Uber cars.


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