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  1. This is wonderful!! I feel so much better about how the new onboarding is going to work. Very good explanation…I’m itching to try it out now lol.

  2. Carrie, this is an extremely helpful post, thank you so much!
    I’ll bookmark for reference in the future.

    Let me tell you my experience with widgeted homepages:

    I bought the Parallax Genesis child theme years ago, because that looked great. I was new to WP at that time.
    Then when I tried to customize the homepage days have passed with copying html code from draft Pages where I first had to figure out how it would look.
    Then again many hours with adjusting CSS.

    Also, had to add code to allow shortcodes, etc.

    I truly hated the process!

    Then at one point I got enough of the whole thing, and I just switched to the Genesis Sample theme, and just edited the homepage like it was any other page on the site.

    It was a wonderful experience 🙂

    To make a full-width header I just widgetized the after_header area, and put some text with a great header image.
    Same for the before_footer.

    This way, the page content was inside the full-width image sections, and was super easy to edit.

    Here’s the site:

    And now with Gutenberg, it really got a lot more simple, thank God 🙂
    Many people are against, but in my view, it was a really necessary step.

    Also, this “Blocks” page template is really helpful, I’m so happy that StudioPress are making these changes.

  3. It’s so exciting. Can’t wait. Thank you again for being ahead of the curve and willing to share your experiences. [Also: I’m going to steal your yacht line. ]

    • Thank you, Michael! I think they changed the file location. I noticed Revolution Pro follows the /page-template/blocks.php format and Genesis Sample was /template-blocks.php. I don’t think it matters which method you go with, but I’m glad they’re picking a consistent convention.

  4. First problem I ran into is a very simple one. Many designs I get involve segments with a full with background. When using Genesis Sample the content is limited to a certain width.
    So for a block, e.g. a H2 with full with solid color background the whole css has to be rigorously rewritten.

    I really think the modular blocks can be great for homepages, but then there must be an easy solution for the content blocks at full with.
    How would you go about that?

    • You can make images go full width on any Gutenberg-optimized theme with the “cover image” or “full width image” blocks. As for content, why would you want that to go edge to edge? Seems like that could lead to a difficult reading experience on large monitors…

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