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  1. Carrie I love that you are doing this reporting, because it helps me understand how users digest my course and how it is providing assistance. Which in turn will help me augment the course material and/or add new courses.

    One thing to note is a GREAT place to find low hanging fruit is Google Search Console (formally webmaster tools). You’ll be able to see where you rank within Google by keyword and you can sort this data by ranking, impressions, click through rates, and clicks. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for one now. I mean like TODAY.

    I love GSC because you can see where you are on page two and a little help/modification can push you quickly to page one.

    Google states search engine optimization is truly about minor and incremental changes to your website. That low hanging fruit idea is exactly what they are taking about.

  2. This is awesome, Carrie. I am taking the course as well (through Lesson 1 now!) and look forward to reading your perspective as you complete it too!

    Are you learning about SEO just to improve your own site, or do you plan to do some of what you learn for clients too?

    • Thanks, Sara! At this point, the knowledge is just for me to apply on my site. Of course, that could change in the future, but it’s not in the plans for now.

      And you? Curious to hear your thoughts as you progress!

    • Thanks for the comment! The green/yellow/red sounds like the WordPress SEO plugin, too. Those indicators are incredibly helpful. What I’m hoping to dig into is whether what I’m optimizing for is really what I should be.

  3. I absolutely love this – it’s fascinating stuff. But…. the live blog format makes it tricky to read as each of your daily chunks is quite long (compared to, say, a snippet from a sports live blog). I wanted to read chronologically so started near the bottom with Day 1, then had to scroll up to find the start of Day 2, which I read (ending up back at the top of Day 1 where I started), then had to scroll back up to find the start of Day 3, then read that (scrolling down again), then had to jump up again… and so on. It says a lot about how engaging your writing is that I didn’t give up half way through!

    • Thanks for bearing with me, Alice! You bring up an excellent point that this would make a better “regular” post with ongoing updates vs a live blog. I shall change it!

  4. You inspired me to take the course. Turns out we are about in the same place – keyword research. Love “google trends” for finding keywords. Spent most of the morning adding google analytics and bing to my two websites. I hope I won’t need to paste code on all pages! I found a really good you tube video for pasting this code into into wordpress under: appearance – editor – heading. I am hopeful that that means analytics will be set up to track for each page of the website automatically. :)….

  5. Enquiring minds want to know! What happened to days 15 to 30? And was the course worth the price? We want graphs, charts, and pictures with a circle and an arrow and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what it is a picture of!

    • lol I’m still working on it! #slowlearner

      The course is definitely worth it, BUT there’s the issue of whether or not the student actually implements what she learns. It’s definitely a time commitment I wasn’t expecting, but even within the “14” days, I’ve seen positive results.

      • Hi Carrie:

        Thanks for writing a thorough article. I am still working my way through it!

        I am not asking you to provide specific numbers, but did taking the course and implementing the directions materially impact your traffic (and your business)? In other words, beside the learning benefits, was the course effective?


        • Hey Richard,
          Those are great questions. I have not seen a noticeable uptick in traffic, however, I think I am attracting better quality traffic (using bounce rate and number of email list sign-ups as indicators). Looking back, I think the biggest takeaway from that course (and other resources from Rebecca) is writing targeted posts to my audience (previously I was sorta all over the map in terms of topics).

          My affiliate revenue has decreased, but I attribute that to writing more articles that don’t have affiliate product tie-ins than I have in previous years. Hmm.

          I’d still heartily recommend the SEO course. Any failure of progress is a result of my failure to implement. 🙂


  6. Re: 301 redirect to affiliate links

    A 301 redirects passes traffic, but it also passes on 301 power. A lot of it. Thus if you are 301 redirecting to me, great. Otherwise keep that 301 goodness (SEO power) on your own site and content.

    • Interesting. In my case, I don’t think it’s anything I care to continue writing about it (i.e. not inline with my content goals), but I guess I could update those posts and just have them hanging out.

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