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  1. Hi Carrie! How fun was that podcast today!? Thanks again for the invite, and thanks for adjusting the section on 3rd party developers. πŸ™‚

    Speaking of, here’s a link to Jon’s site where you can find his modules: For the record, I believe all but one or two modules are available for free, and he has a packaged bundle that includes support and updates for $20.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Developer API, too. One of the “todos” for us in preparation for creating a marketplace is to overhaul and beef up our documentation. It’s on the list.

    I’ll keep an eye on the comments thread here in case anyone has questions or comments.

  2. Hi Carrie

    Judging by the rapidly growing Beaver Builder community over on Slack and Facebook I would say developers love it. Outside of WordPress itself I not seen so many excited developers so passionate about what they can do with a product. But I’ve lead a sheltered life. I don’t see many beginner level folks there.

    About 5 years ago Genesis was a game changer for me. A real time saver that was clean and I could control. I would have never imagined using a Page Builder with all that horrible mess. Now with Beaver Builder I can’t imagine messing around clumsily hooking in Genesis widget areas again.

    I still use Genesis as my theme, but have to say it’s usefulness keeps diminishing.

    I’m not clear why you are not a fan of the Beaver Builder theme. I thought it had less plugin fuctionality baked into than Genesis. Also I dont see Dynamik is really the same concept as Beaver Builder. Eric Hamm uses the Beaver Builder plugin and added Page Builder template to Dynimik specifically thinking of the Beaver Builder. There is some cross over, but I see them as different. One being mostly a theme editor – the other dealing with content. They play well togther.

    I was really pleased to see you looking at Beaver Builder. I was a big fan of yours and Open hours, but to be honest I stopped listening. I noticed Jonathan Perez mention of Beaver Builder got sidetracked and there was such an ongoing plug for Conductor(routinely ignored eleswhere). I felt it was becoming more of a clique than a group. I see the format of Open hours has open up now so I will start listing in again.

    I may not have said this anywhere… so many thanks for theall the great stuff I have got from your podcasting and blogging. I’ve really enjoyed them.

    • I’m not clear why you are not a fan of the Beaver Builder theme. I thought it had less plugin fuctionality baked into than Genesis.

      With the exception of Genesis’ SEO tool, there’s no true plugin functionality that’s built in. It’s incredibly lean and efficient code.

      Admittedly, I haven’t spent time evaluating the BB theme – I’m just not a fan in general of themes that try to be both a theme and a bunch of plugins in one.

      Also I dont see Dynamik is really the same concept as Beaver Builder

      You’re correct! Functionality wise they are completely different. I made the comparison from a conceptual viewpoint. Dynamik is a theme with GE features baked in. BB has a theme with BB plugin features baked in. Cobalt Apps + BB do indeed play well together.

      ongoing plug for Conductor

      Conductor plugin sponsored a number of episodes, so we were indeed talking a lot about it. I still really like Conductor – it’s a very different approach than BB and solves a different problem, I think. That’d be a good topic for a blog post now that I think about it. πŸ™‚

      to be honest I stopped listening…I felt it was becoming more of a clique than a group

      David, this makes me sad – not that listeners come and go (that’s true of any podcast), but that you felt it was closed off or unwelcoming. That’s the opposite of what I want the show to be and I appreciate you giving it another go.

      Thank you very much for the frank feedback and taking the time to share.


      • um.. I’m curious where you see ANY plugin functionality baked in, Carrie.

        The Theme has no overlap with the plugin except for being the best at supporting it (probably), and the name. Its options are instead based on the WP Customizer.

        Like Genesis it is lean, modern, and versatile with a number of useful hooks.

        Its inherent structure is based on Bootstrap 3, so it is suitably generic, yet compatible with a huge range of tools, kits, generators etc.

        Correct me if I’m wrong on any of the above.

          • I may have over-defended BBT slightly by going for the Genesis actions and filters which are pretty useful. You may remove that paragraph. (don’t think I can)

            Your article is the top SERP result for [genesis framework vs beaver builder theme] or something similar, and potential clients are out there researching after they’ve seen my spec.. so, yup.

            Thanks! : )

  3. HI Carrie,
    This post is interesting to me as I’m also interested trying Beaver Builder. Right now I have a potential client who has mapped out their desired site in great detail and wants me to build it on the Divi theme. I am shy of Divi based on reports i’ve heard. I’d like to offer to create it on Beaver Builder instead, The main thing holding the client back is that they really want cool animations on their homepage. (e.g. moving counters and circle graphs) These come as part of Divi’s built-in modules, but I haven’t seen in them in BB.
    What would it take to make them happen on BB?

    • Interesting question. BB doesn’t include modules out of the box that do that, but there might be a separate charts/graphs plugin out there that you could use in conjunction with it.

      I would definitely steer away of Divi simply because of the way it stores content. Your client would be locked into this Divi theme for a long time (or until Divi creates a solution for untangling content, which I’ve heard rumors is in the works). Seems a high price to pay for some fancy animations. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Carrie – love the Honey Badger reference =)

    …experience/advice re Dynamik Theme + BB?

    …and how about this awesome combo: UtilityPro + Genesis Extender + BB?

    …any interest in doing an awesome article or two on using (GE +) BB w/ UtilityPro?

    • Glad you enjoyed that reference – heh heh

      While I haven’t tried the Dynamik/BB (or Genesis Extender/BB) combo, it’s my understanding that they are quite compatible and can be used together.

      I’m actually working on a rebuild of that will be based off Utility Pro + BB. I’m happy to write about it!

  5. Carrie,

    I’m not sure if you’re interested in collaborating, but I’m currently working on a Genesis Child Theme Boilerplate for BB. Basically, it is coming out of the need for be able to quickly make full-width pages on sites that may not have that in by default (and things like that).

    Let me know, and thank you for the write up.

    Thank you,

  6. Oh dear, apologies Carrie

    You unfairly got the brunt of my frustration (created elsewhere) on how discussions on Page Builders are often framed.

    It’s age old I guess. Every new cost effective way to serve clients threatens somebody’s way of working. The new needs challenging too as there is usually a trade off. With Beaver Builder it amounted a few more HTML Divs (that no-one much cared about) against halving my working time (underestimated). The big plus for me, which is a minus to many, is how empowering it has been for some clients.

    Looking forward to tuning in to more Open hours πŸ™‚ Sorry to be such a grump.

  7. Just curious to see what you think as you dig a little deeper into features. I’m currently assessing BB, the new plugin version of Divi, and SiteOrigin’s Page Builder to see which might be best for my needs. I’m looking for something that can be used with Genesis and that minimizes shortcode hell (as Chris Lema dubbed theme/plugin lock-in.) Obviously the functionality and UI must be good too.

  8. Hi Naomi! I hit the reply link, but I am still down here at the bottom of the comments. Hoping when I post this will show up as a reply. πŸ˜‰

    We do have a relatively new module, called the “Number Counter,” which I think will do what you’re looking for. It let’s you create those en vogue circle counter animations. You can toy around with it on our demo:

    Good luck with your project!

  9. “I’m actually working on a rebuild of that will be based off Utility Pro + BB. I’m happy to write about it!”

    — did you continue with this project Carrie? …would love to hear more about it, if you’re into it then it’d be great to have a nice section in the docs re use w/ BB =)

    • Hey Max!
      It’s still in the works, but like most non-urgent projects is sitting at a low priority. I’ll definitely announce when it’s live. πŸ™‚


  10. Hi Carrie,

    I’ve herd you mention a few times about working with BB Builder at Crowd Favorite and would really like to know what that involves?

    If you feel like a post on real world example usage of BB would be beneficial to your readers – that’d be awesome!

  11. Hey Carrie,

    I’m digging BB as well. It won out after I tested at least a dozen page builders. Enough to start my own blog it seems.

    But about those templates though? What obvious thing am I missing?

    I downloaded the ZIP, uploaded and activated but don’t see the templates loaded. Tried with Digital Pro, then Altitude Pro then just Genesis sample and default framework. Nada. Ayudame por favor πŸ™‚


  12. Gotcha. So looking again I see it assigns the class fl-builder-full, which I did spot in the body class.

    So to get the full width for any Genesis theme (e.g. Atmosphere Pro) it will require the CSS e.g. making site-inner 100% and removing content class padding, etc.

  13. I’m still in investigation mode (I’m pure Libra, ugh) πŸ™‚
    Having had several issues with client sites after a WP update broke the Visual Composer, it has made me very very wary of page builder plugins that rely on shortcodes as you pointed out with Divi. So anything that relies on shortcodes in the db is off the table for me to consider.
    I don’t know why I’m having such a quandry making a decision! Lol
    Loads of people recommend BB so I think I’ll just make the plunge – but isn’t it getting pricey?
    Genesis + Theme + BB + BeaveLodge.
    If BB comes with a theme, then presumably most people are just opting for Genesis + BB ?
    Or – even just BB on it’s own, with it’s own theme.
    Argh – starting to get confusing.

  14. I have been on the fence and your review sealed it for me, signing up now. I will be sure to step on your link. Thank you for the info.

  15. Beaver Builder is truly one of the best page builders I have worked with!
    What makes it even better is the community that’s build around it and the Genesis Framework. A lot of BB users (including myself) find BB + Genesis + Dynamik + Dambuster a killer combo!
    BB theme itself has so many nice features and is simply superb for users to get started with their website.

    Another thing that I like about BB is it’s easy to use and extensible custom module API. You can build almost everything for yourself without having to dig deeper in the code. If a user / dev follows the API, they will be able to build modules easily, quickly and without impacting their website’s performance.

  16. Dave,
    You should give a try to the Free Version of BB and see how you like it.
    The paid version is worth the investment. You will start reaping benefits from Day 1 and your first website will cover up all the amount that you invest.

    Been there. Done that πŸ™‚

  17. Beaver Builder’s ease of use is great, but I was a little bit surprised to see that it basically saves everything as one huge string in the database. And by everything, I mean all content (what you write and add to the content editor) and a lot of keys that are probably used to reassemble the html and css. When you uninstall Beaver Builder, everything, except for your text, disappears. It makes sense business-wise, but I wonder if there will ever be a website builder that helps you to build and keep the HTML and CSS. That would definitely be something else.

  18. I guess I am missing something. I have a licensed copy of BB ( 1.8.5 ) and downloaded and installed your BB-genesis-template plugin. BUT I can’t use because your plugin code says that I don’t have BB installed. Wrong. It is installed and activated. Any Ideas?

    if ( ! class_exists( ‘FLBuilder’ ) ) {
    wp_die( sprintf( __( ‘Sorry, you can\’t activate unless you have installed and activated Beaver Builder.’, ‘bb-templates-genesis’ ) ) );

  19. Hi Carrie! Nice post indeed. I’m new to Genesis and after I read your post I started to wonder what you thought was a better choice (if you had to pick only one) Dynamik Website Builder or Beaver Builder? Many thanks!

  20. I tried to use Beaver builder (as well as live composer) on the utility pro theme that I just purchased and love, but there was no where to drag anything to available on the front page. It’s there a tutorial for conducting utility pro to work with BB or live composer?

  21. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for this post and all of your instructional videos on I find them very helpful.

    For some time now I have been searching for a true drag and drop wordpress builder, similar to what the WIX editor provides. For example, you can place an image at an aribrarly place on the canvas, and then move it around by holding the mouse over it and simply dragging it.

    I have not found this capability in Beaver Builder – it seems everything has to fit into a grid sturcture – rows and columns, and that once an object is “placed,” you cannot move it my simply dragging it.

    I have also looked at alternatives like the Thrive Content Builder and Visual Composer, and they seem to suffer from the same problems.

    Recently I found a plugin, Zedity, that seems to have overcome this grid placement issues and allows “drawing on the page.” However, I never see Zedity mentioned in any comparisons, nor does it seem to come up with a search for visual page editors for WordPress. Compared to Beaver Builder, it has a relatively low number of installs.

    Have you heard of this plugin, and do you know why it doesn’t seem to come above the surface? I like it, but am concerned there must be some reason people do not use it as much as Beaver Builder or Visual Composer.

    Thanks for any insights or comments you might have on this subject.


    • Hey Mark,
      I have not heard of Zedity. My only caution is the same as I have for Visual Composer: Understand what’s happening with your content before you go into it. In other words, if you ever want to switch away from using it, how hard will it be? Of course, this is a concern for most page builders out there.

      Pippin Williamson just wrote an excellent post from a developer’s perspective rating the most popular page builders (no mention of Zedity). You might find some helpful insights there.

      For all that I hate about WIX (you can never export your content in a usuable format – you’re locked into their system or you lose your data if you decided to move), they have addressed a particular segment of users in a way that WordPress hasn’t successfully done yet.

      Don’t know if that’s helpful, but more of my $.02. πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks Carrie for your reply.

    Your comments reinforce my skepticism about Zedity. Especially noting that Pippin doesn’t even mention it. I am surprised that WordPress plugin developers have not taken the lead from WIX about true drag and drip editting. I also don’t like the other aspects about WIX, but I do like their editor.

    Thanks again, Carrie.


  23. Hi Carrie,

    I don’t often stumble into developer reviews/opinion pieces, but a commenter on my own post suggested this one – as a “plus” for page builders… but Beaver builder does exactly the same thing that they all do: they sacrifice longevity and extensibility for flexibility.

    You can’t find the two together. Wix is a great example of flexibility – but absolutely no extensibility.

    Beaver Builder sacrifices longevity because it puts the css inline. Plus that ads a crap load of code causing longer load times. And a fraction makes a difference with my clients. So basically BeaverBuilder looks better than visual composer/divi once deactivated, but it does the same thing to the code – bloated and stuck in that format/style.

    I’m not sure I understand the plus side. People can drag and drop but they might as well use Wix right?

    • Hey Cathy,

      Thanks for the feedback! We do use a bit of inline-css when it’s appropriate, but the vast majority of a page’s styling is saved to a minified css file.

      With good caching in place, there’s a very little difference between Beaver Builder’s auto-generated markup and a page that’s coded by hand. One of the big plus sides is how much faster it enables you to build pages.

      Hope you’ll give us another shot. πŸ™‚ Cheers.

      • Hi Robby. What about the other concern with page builders- migrating to a different theme? Things like content layout could stay but colors, fonts need to be changed with the new themes css.

        Thanks for taking the time earlier!


        • Good question! And likewise, thanks for the comment/time. πŸ™‚

          If you’re following the best practices for front end dev, you’ll probably want to put as much of the styling as possible in a css file as opposed to using the page builder.

          You can style a page with Beaver Builder, but you don’t have to. We make it very easy to add a CSS class or ID to any element in Beaver Builder, so you can keep style with the theme and just use BB to do the layout. We try to be as “un-opinionated” as possible with our default stylingβ€”most everything is inherited from the theme style-wise.

          That said, for better or worse, many people chose to do their styling in Beaver Builder, so you make a valid point.

  24. I found this post via Google. I had seen it before but am now taking a second look because I am now part of a situation where I have a prototype built with Beaver Builder and Dynamik that needs some design revisions that these two plugins are not capable of doing while also considering accessibility, and so a custom theme is required. So I will essentially be taking a Beaver Builder and Dynamik design and turning it into a custom theme with design revisions and accessibility fixes built in. Thanks again for this, Carrie.

    • Hey, Amanda! Thanks for the comment. I am one of the co-founders of Beaver Builder. I apologize that you’re having trouble. Accessibility is one of those areas where do our best, but I know we’re not perfect. We’ll take all the help we can get! If you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to email me any time. We’d love to get your feedback!

      robby at fastlinemedia dot com

  25. Hey Carrie,

    Just thought I had to commit on this post as I have been using Beaver Builder up until now. I just came across another page builder called Elementor and it seems to run rings around Beaver Builder and that’s with the free version. Overall, I just like the UI better and its seems to be faster as well on the front end and back end.

    I am not an affiliate, so please don’t think that is why I mention it here, I just have not heard much about it. Probably because it is relatively new. (just came out last year) and the pro version just came out in Jan.

    Check it out if you get the chance.


    • Regarding Archive Pages, take a look at the new Beaver Themer add-on from the awesome guys around BB and BB 2.0 is soon to be released as alpha! Much improved speed and some really neat new Features!

      – Bernhard

    • Rob McDonald, thanks very much for that recommendation. I’ve been at an impasse with Beaver Builder Pro for quite some time. I’ll give Elementor a try. Thanks!

  26. Thanks for your review. You have tons of great information on Beaver Builder. I used it to develop several websites and agree that it is a great plugin for the non technical DIY person.

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