Beaver Builder 101: Learn how to use my favorite WordPress page builder in 45 minutes

I’m SUPER excited to announce the release of my latest course, Beaver Builder 101, a video-based series showing how to get started with the Beaver Builder plugin for WordPress! The course is a collaboration with WP101, the most popular WordPress video tutorial series for beginners.

Below I’ll share some info about the course and a few behind the scenes details you may (or may not!) find interesting.

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About Beaver Builder 101

As the name suggests, this is an entry-level course designed to get you up and running with Beaver Builder. You’ll learn:

  • What Beaver Builder is and how it works within the context of other products in the Beaver Builder family
  • How to work with rows and columns to create page layouts
  • How to use ready-made templates to quickly create basic pages for your site
  • How to create rich content with modules
  • Where to go to get help, inspiration, and even connect with other users
  • And more…

I also include personal insights and practical suggestions I’ve learned after 5+ years of using Beaver Builder to build WordPress sites for myself and my clients.

Who is this course for? You don’t need any particular expertise to bring to the table, but you’ll get the most out of the course if you have some basic knowledge of using WordPress to publish content.

By the way, if you’re already a WP101 customer and have their all-access pass, this course is included for free. It’s also included as part of the WP101 plugin.

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Working with Shawn Hesketh of WP101

Creating and launching this course represents an important milestone for me. I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shawn Hesketh, the creator of WP101, but I can tell you that he’s an incredibly smart, generous, and gifted educator. He’s also my friend. His wife is also a badass, but I digress.

I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to collaborate on a project with Shawn. That opportunity came in the form of this Beaver Builder course and I’m proud to launch it into the wild.

Even though I’ve created online educational content for years both as an instructor for LinkedIN Learning and at The Fearless Freelancer®, the process of working with Shawn to produce this course was a wonderful learning experience and one that will make me a better educator.

Shipping the Course

In addition to the chance to work with Shawn, launching this course is important to me for another reason: It represents a completion of the various projects I had in the works before my accident in August 2019.

Nothing like some surgeries, a week-long hospital stay, and a months-long recovery process just to be able to walk again to really throw a wrench in the works.

At the time of the accident, I was knee-deep (no pun intended) in creating this course as well as a couple of Genesis Framework courses for LinkedIN Learning. All of that ground to a screeching halt.

Needless to say, I’m appreciative for the understanding and patience of everyone I was working with at the time. It also feels incredibly good to clear my desk of overdue projects so that I can focus on creating even more educational resources for you, dear reader.

Well, I won’t keep you from it any longer. Enjoy the course and let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “Beaver Builder 101: Learn how to use my favorite WordPress page builder in 45 minutes”

  1. Hi Carrie, could you please briefly explain why I would want to learn BeaverBuilder now that we have Gutenberg and WordPress blocks? I understand how it made sense before, but is it really worth it now? Thank you for any insight.

    1. Hey Steve,
      You bring up a great point. When full site editing comes to WordPress, it will definitely compete with page builders like Beaver Builder. That said, Gutenberg/blocks is still a LONG WAY from being able to create complex layouts the way Beaver Builder can (and with an interface that’s as user-friendly). I think the type of site your building will also dictate whether it’s faster to go with BB or whether you prefer to go with blocks. For instance, a small brochure site that doesn’t have a big budget? I’d crank that out with BB because I know I can do it quickly and make it look great and also keep it accessible. If it’s a larger project that requires a lot of customizations or would benefit from custom blocks, I’d probably forge ahead with the block editor.

      Sorry, that may not answer your question. I guess the tl;dr is that page builders aren’t dinosaurs in the WordPress ecosystem *yet* and I think it’ll be at least a few years more before page builder customers start coming over to blocks…

  2. I’m using Beaver builder from last one year and it’s really very easy to use and build professional websites. I provide affordable websites for small businesses and a beaver page builder is suitable for me.

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