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  1. Your post is so useful for my work. I am an SEO consultant and this kind of strategy always help me to do something new to develop my skill. I have just started writing reviews for my clients and it is working tremendously well for my clients. I always focus on contents which attracts more audiences for positive engagement.

  2. Hey Carrie, I am just going through your idea and they are excellent to start. But, I believe this is all about how I am going to present them to my readers. When I go to start a new website, then I focus on website design and content template. I always do some A/B tests and they help to figure out which one will work fine with this new website.

    For a beginner, it would be better to spend time with the target audience. Then, think about which style will work better.

  3. Affiliate marketing has always been a tricky concept for me and i had several questions. Your post has been of great help for me to understand this whole concept. Thanks a ton for sharing.

  4. I’ve done basically everything to monetize my sites, affiliate marketing, SEO, but I have no sales . Ofcourse its only been a few weeks, I guess I’m pretty impatient but I really want this to work out for me, since I’m a stay-at-home mom to 4, and we need the extra income. What else can I do that won’t cost ME much to get more visitors and maybe people purchasing through my affliate links? Please help! 😊

    • * Write helpful posts (don’t be too aggressive with affiliate links)
      * Go to quora or reddit to see common questions people have that you can address via a blog post on your site. Then go drop a link back to your article from those questions
      * Actively participate on other people’s blogs (comments, social shares, etc).

  5. Would say that I have to agree with the fact that one must be creating great content. Also really having the passion to write about what one enjoys or has good knowledge about is key.
    Thanks for including info about writing a case study as that must have flown right over my head. I’ll be keeping that in mind.

    Thanks again and take care.

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