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  1. Your post is so useful for my work. I am an SEO consultant and this kind of strategy always help me to do something new to develop my skill. I have just started writing reviews for my clients and it is working tremendously well for my clients. I always focus on contents which attracts more audiences for positive engagement.

  2. Hey Carrie, I am just going through your idea and they are excellent to start. But, I believe this is all about how I am going to present them to my readers. When I go to start a new website, then I focus on website design and content template. I always do some A/B tests and they help to figure out which one will work fine with this new website.

    For a beginner, it would be better to spend time with the target audience. Then, think about which style will work better.

  3. Affiliate marketing has always been a tricky concept for me and i had several questions. Your post has been of great help for me to understand this whole concept. Thanks a ton for sharing.

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