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      • At first I didn’t think it was working in Chrome, but if I hit TAB twice it did. Thing is, you don’t need to be in the address bar to make it work by hitting TAB once. If you just land on the page and don’t click anywhere first, then hit TAB, it works fine.

        Same for Firefox — if in the address bar, it tabs over to the search bar instead and through links in there (maybe Firefox needs to make that more accessible?). But if you just land on the page and don’t click anywhere first, then hit TAB, it works fine.

        If I click on your nav bar instead of the address bar, it works every time.

        (I’m also on Win7 using FF35 and Chrome 40)

        • Thanks for the additional testing and info! It’s obvious that various browsers/platforms handle those tab behaviors differently. I’m also quite curious to understand the mobile browsing experience better. Still much to learn!

          • Right now I discovered a funny feature using the TAB-key for ‘skip to content’. On a wordpress page using theme ‘simone’ and plugin ‘WP Accessibility’. I ticked the ‘Accessibility Toolbar Settings’ in the setttings, so they show up. The theme provides skip-links by default.

            After loading the page and hitting the TAB-key once the focus is on ‘toggle high contrast’, next hit ‘toggle greyscale’, third hit gives ‘toggle text size’.

            So in the end ‘skip to conten’ is reached after the fourth TAB-stroke. At least the happens in Firefox 50 and Chrome 54 on linux.

          • That’s an interesting point and, most likely, overly redundant on every page of a site. I wonder if the plugin set preferences via a cookie if that would enable a first-time visitor to make adjustments and any subsequent visits avoid those tabs.

  1. Thanks for this. I added the Genesis Accessible plugin to our site. There were a lot of other options besides the two in your blog. Should those also be checked?

  2. Hey Carrie,

    Thanks. What a cool method for improving accessibility.

    And also – thanks for infusing some Devo into the post.
    Indeed it’s the little things that make my day.

    • There are skip links on this site, however they’re clearly not working universally! The article does need a refresh for sure: The Genesis Framework now provides native support for skip links, making the Genesis Accessible plugin redundant.


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