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  1. Adding author information will provide a trust for the users. It is beneficial to the authors too. Is their any way to integrate Google Authorship with it?

    • Hi Indu,
      If you’re using Genesis, it’s already baked in! So long as you fill out the Google+ profile link in the user bio, that’ll show up on every post authored by that user. Here’s more info, but basically you don’t have to do anything extra.


  2. Awesome article!

    Would there be a way to use this as a guideline to instead of implementing the authors avatar, to implement a custom code like say the ‘Facebook Follow’ button of each individual author?


  3. Hello Carrie,

    Thanks for this post. Your post are really good and I love to follow you.

    I am new to CSS and very little understand how to use it. I was searching .author-avatar img in my Style.css file in Genesis child theme but not able to see it.

    If I add this piece of code in my style.css file after entry-meta, then would that work?

    .author-avatar img {

    border-radius: 100%

    Thanks a lot for your help

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