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  1. I just finished a book called … Finish by John Acuff which is all about killing the lies that perfectionism tells us. Such a good book.

    Thanks Carrie. We still watch your music videos.

  2. Great words of encouragement, reminds me a lot of a book I read earlier this year, Linchpin by Seth Godin.
    It can be hard to ship when there’s always just “one more thing” that we could do. But no one benefits if you don’t ship, so ship already!

  3. Okay, now that I stopped crying I can write this. Thank you Carrie for sharing your own challenges and solutions. I really needed this reminder to stop listening to those negative thoughts. My favorite was your quote from Matt Mullenweg. And here I was thinking I was the only one embarrassed.

  4. Carrie — This is such a refreshing (and brave) piece. I appreciate your openness to talk about your struggles, and what you’re doing to overcome them. I’ve been struggling with my “company of one” lately, as well. My analysis paralysis stems from a combination of perfectionism & comparison.

    There were SO many things in this post that resonated with me…

    – Saying No: I’ve gotten better, but still need to work on it.
    – The anecdote about not commenting on a forum thread because we question our expertise. I’ve most certainly been there in the past, but will try to erase any doubt in the future.
    – You spend hours editing your podcasts. For me, it’s videos. I could edit them for days until they’re… dare I say…perf–NO! I’m not going to say it 🙂

    I also want to say thanks for all the quotes and book references you mentioned. One of my recent goals is to step away from my computer a little more and read some books. You’ve provided several to add to my list.

    OK, now I have to admit that it definitely took me longer than 5 seconds to get out of bed this morning, and I have yet to do the hardest thing of my day (and it’s 11:45am). But thankfully, I just learned a new trick 😉


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Dave. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

      I listened (vs read) all of the books I mentioned. If you think that’d be helpful to you, try The first book is free to new members (I think). If not, let me know and I can send the “first one’s free” invite from my account.

      5-4-3-2-1 GET DRESSED FOR THE DAY! 🙂

  5. You’re the best! Thank you for this post. I love the Nicholas Cage video, my brain does that too. I also discovered Mel Robbins just this week and was inspired by her launching herself like a rocket out of bed. I think getting out around people helps me the most, as I tend to isolate. I definitely will refer to this post again the next time I’m trapped in the dark neighborhood side of my brain. Love you Carrie!

  6. Well said my friend! Thanks for the courage to write & publish this. We live in both amazing and challenging times. As much as I love having so much at our fingertips it doesn’t help the narrative in the mind. When it ‘appears’ that everyone else doesn’t struggle (even though our logical minds tell us otherwise) it makes the tough times that much tougher.

    I found Mel Robbins earlier this year as well, love the 5 second rule. Can’t say I always use it, but the approach has worked wonders for me.

    The beauty of weathering enough tough times is that now I have that narrative in my mind too… “you won’t stay here” (also with the help of an amazing therapist & medication).

    My only complaint… you added like 5 books to my reading list! 🙂

    Here are a couple for you:
    1) The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday (LOVE his work)
    2) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

    The second really helped me with small, consistent action.

    Love this girl, thank you!

  7. This is exactly how 2017 felt for me. Thank you for being brave enough to share it. You are a person I admire and I have imagined you as a person with very few bad days! I have met you in person a few times and each time you were very friendly and kind and I was grateful for that… now you have vulnerably shared in a way that I find very encouraging… to know that someone I look up to can feel just as I do on occasion. Keep your chin up and keep on doin’ you. xo

  8. Thank you, Carrie, for that incredibly insightful post. I’m on the road to recovery. “The Power of Now” has been monumentally important to that quest. At this moment, I lack the energy necessary for an erudite response. Accepting myself as I am at this moment is exactly the kind of lesson I take from that book. Enjoy!

  9. Hard to stop being there, doing it all. One thing I don’t see you doing, Carrie, is kicking others’ asses. There’s a certain entry on your list of assets. It’s also symptom to be aware of and to avoid and which can be overt but also subtle.

    I enjoyed your keynote and appreciate you sharing as a blog with the built-in invitation to reply.

  10. I appreciate you sharing this. As the end of the year looms closer, I reflect on the year and it reminds me of a balloon uncontrollably loosing steam as it zips through the air. Pfffffftttt. Your post makes me feel less alone and more okay. Tomorrow brings new opportunities.

  11. Carrie, you are one of the people in the WordPress community I really look up to, and consider a teacher and mentor, even though we have never met. I have learned so much from you, by reading your tutorials, and taking your Lynda courses. On top of that Utility Pro is one of my favorite themes. To hear you say you think “your work doesn’t matter” just breaks my heart. You have done so much for so many, and in so many different ways. When that voice tells you your work doesn’t matter, just replace it with my voice, and voice of many, many others, that are living proof that it matters a lot, and that you have made great and positive changes for many.

    On top of that, this very post right here, will from here on out help many more people in even more ways. Now, if I think “my work doesn’t matter”, I can say to myself, Carrie sometimes doesn’t think her work matters. I KNOW SHE IS WRONG. Maybe that means I might be wrong as well…

    • Now, if I think “my work doesn’t matter”, I can say to myself, Carrie sometimes doesn’t think her work matters. I KNOW SHE IS WRONG. Maybe that means I might be wrong as well…


  12. Hi Carrie, Thank you for this lovely post full of heart-felt thoughts and inspiration. I’ve been stuck in procrastination and excuses to do that thing I want to do, waiting for perfection, hesitant to risk failing, afraid of not having planned it all the way through. Death to perfection…here goes! Bless you.

  13. Sorry to join the party so late but I was doing a little 60-mile, 3-day Walk and taking some vacation time in November. 😉 I’m sorry about your tough year. I can so relate. Recently, I had a dream that I won $10 million in the lottery. Nice dream, right? Well it was until I Goggled the meaning. It basically said I was waiting for things to come to me instead putting the effort to gain them. Ouch. I realized it was very true.

  14. By the time I got to the end of this piece I was so pepped up about getting started on something that I almost forgot to come down here and say ‘great job on the article’ 🙂

  15. I really love this blog post. I was just thinking how many ups and downs are involved in being self-employed and a creative. I personally never feel satisfied with what I’ve achieved and am always one step into the next challenge, which means I need to teach myself that it’s ok to slow down and be in the moment sometimes. It’s always comforting to read about other people’s journeys and what they’re experiencing.

    • Hey Tammy, thanks for your note. In retrospect, I always find I’ve accomplished more than I realized. But you’re right, when you’re just moving from one thing to the next, it’s a conscious effort (for me) to recognize and celebrate achievement.

  16. I couldn’t pass up leaving a comment on this article, because it was just THAT good and so well said! As a recent college graduate and lover of web design, I am just beginning to start my own freelancing business and I’m so excited and passionate, but I am the queen of analysis paralysis. I have so many ideas and concepts I want to put to use that my mind never sleeps. There’s ALWAYS one little thing that needs to be fixed and I’m holding myself back in fear of failure and “non-perfection”. It’s so nice to hear that others deal with this too, and it’s all about believing in your skills internally. Thank you for such a great read!

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