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  1. Always love reading your reviews and live the past year vicariously through your eyes πŸ™‚

    Some really cool insights here on what you have done, and whoa, that is some serious hours devoted to your theme.

    I especially relate to the affiliates and what you have done with them. It’s exactly the same thing I’ve done and yes, I had quite the increase in sales. I feel gone are the days of banner ads, at least for me.

    And I love all that you are doing in the education realm… of course you knew that. And the plans you have for it as well. I’m working on not so much a review of the year, but a review of WordPress education, what I have seen and where I see it going. Will be a fun post to write.

    Well, all I can say is you have had a busy year and sounds like 2016 is even going to be better for you. Can’t wait to see you at Pressnomics especially since we didn’t get to spend much time together at WCUS. Have a great holiday, a fantastic 2016, and see you around my friend πŸ™‚

    • Hey Bob, I look forward to your review – there’s been a lot of change in the education space in just a year!

      Looking forward to sharing a pizza at Pressnomics.


  2. Thanks for sharing your year. Lots of great information here and inspires me to write one of my own with goals for 2016 included as well. 2015 was a roller coaster and I think it would be good to put it into words and look forward! Thanks for being the awesome community member you are and keep rocking it!

  3. Carrie, you have been tremendous inspiration for me to try different things. Your weekly Office hours has so many useful nuggets, just need to spot right ones required for business elevation.

    May be I will write such “year in review” at end of 2016. Already, the bucket list of interesting plans for 2016 is brimming – just need to implement them.

    Thanks for all the good work you do. It helps lot of people – do you even realize that πŸ˜‰

    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you, Davinder! I appreciate your kind words!

      PLEASE write a 2015 review for yourself – no need to post publicly. With all the plans you have, you’ll love looking back on it this time next year. πŸ™‚

      Best wishes for a successful 2016!

  4. I see some familiar faces here in the comments! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Carrie. A lot of us look up to you and use you as a compass to help guide our own business goals. I am thinking through what 2016 looks like for me. It is a little foggy.

    • If it’s foggy, might need to lay off the eggnog. πŸ˜‰

      Seriously though, it’s easy to overcomplicate. Cull it down to the very basics for 2016 – you’ll knock it out of the park.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Carrie! Thanks also for the insight on getting rid of banner ads, yet still making affiliate income.

    I really need to write my own review!

  6. Thanks for sharing your process. I’m changing some aspects of my business and it’s really helpful to see how your thinking about your business has developed and changed. I like focusing on a smaller group of clients too and working to bring value to their businesses on an ongoing basis.

  7. One of my only regrets about WCUS was not to get more time to talk about “WordPress Business” with you πŸ™‚ Heck, I even forgot to congratulate you about your new Crowd Favorite position. Yikes!

    Thanks for a great post. What a focused year for you! I dream about a year like that πŸ™‚

    2016 will be the best year ever!


  8. Hi Carrie!

    Thanks for sharing your year in review. I especially found it interesting that clearing up banners around the content didn’t negatively affect anything. I haven’t tried affiliate income yet, but am inspired to remove the ads from my content/sidebar and find other possibilities for passive income.

    I also love your series on accessibility and am looking forward to learning more from you in 2016. πŸ™‚ I was inspired to write my own year in review thanks to your post. It’s less business in review, and more general, but it was nice to look back and see how far I’ve come in the last year. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great new year!

  9. Hi Carrie,
    Happy New Year, sorry if this is a bit of topic – but I need some advice
    I’ve recently been asked to create a medicinal plants database site for a local hospital, many years ago I created this database using microsoft access and visual basic. The hospital still use the database and now want to move it to the web.
    Because I have some experience working with wordpress as a developer I’d like to use it for this project. I’ve been looking at custom posts and taxonomy plugins but my php coding skills are very weak, so I was thinking of trying a drag and drop plugin like Visual Composer or Toolset which seem to suggest I can do this with just html and css which I’m ok with.
    Really like to hear what you think, any advice or suggestions you have about what would be the best tools and themes for me to implement this project.


    • Hi David,
      One of the drag and drops *might* be able to pull of what you’re after, but if you’re wanting something stable that can last (and grow) for awhile to come, I’d suggest partnering with another developer who can help you build out a custom data structure and the corresponding front-end templates.

      If I can be of further help, you can schedule a call with me here.




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