Howdy, I’m Carrie Dils.

With 25 years of web development under my belt, I’ve helped hundreds of clients (from small, local businesses to Fortune 500 companies) create online experiences. Over the past 10 years, I’ve enjoyed teaching front-end web development topics on LinkedIn Learning and educating other developers through speaking, podcasting, and publishing tutorial-style content online. In short, I like sharing my knowledge to empower others to create cool things.

A waist-up photo of Carrie Dils, a white female we with shoulder-length brown hair. She's wearing glasses and a t-shirt that reads "I'm an [in]structor". Her arms are crossed, she's smiling, and she has a friendly posture.

I can help you with:

Tech consulting to help you find the right tech stack or software mix for a project.

Small business consulting that cuts through the fat to help you optimize your offerings and drive your revenue.

Learn front-end web development, creating sites, and developing with WordPress at your own pace.

Featured in:

LinkedIN Learning
WP Engine
Unemployable podcast
Hack the Entrepreneur podcast

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